Today a new month begins and it is time to go through my 2015 July Check-in with you and assess my progress. It’s all about accountability.

Before writing this post, I went back to read June’s check-in to have a look about where it started. I had already forgotten that I was not all high spirits in the beginning of the month already. Yeah, June was a not-so-good month for me. I will do my best to turn the table in July.

Here is how things went throughout the past month.

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Invest in my health

I am not going to say that things went totally bad here, but I did have other expectations. May was really a OK month and I did see some evolution in my overall well-being. I guess that after getting green light from the neuro-surgeon to “slowly return to my activities”, I set my expectations too high.

Instead to just improving my walk, I thought I was good enough to try a basic 5k plan. Wrong! After feeling very unwell after all my trainings as from week 2, I decided to drop it for now. I was getting really depressed. My legs and my brain are not talking. The muscles are there, I can run, but after a while it feels like my brain shuts down. I literally lose control of my legs. I have been crying like a baby. It is frustrating, it is annoying and it is depressing.

Instead of letting the negativity take over my mind, I decided to drop the whole running thing and I will limit myself to daily yoga at-home sessions and walks. In August, I will reassess things again. You can check my progress on Instagram and see how I move forward with the #1MillionMinutes campaign.

I took time to map my food and adapted my intake. I’m still putting on weight because my intake is bigger than my outtake. But I am eating health for maintenance and healing. There is no need to stress out.

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Keep on organizing

The speed of my declutter was not the same as in May. I am not exaggerating when I say I was unwell most part of June. So I was in survival mode most of the time. Maintenance was important, however I did not go crazy cleaning all around the house.

I did start building some organization lists in Evernote. It is a work in progress, but I am sure that they will be very helpful. My labelling is also helping me out a lot. 

Because I was not able to train as I was hoping for, I ended up having more time to plan things. And Evernote has become really helpful. I am also using it for blogging and it has made my life much simpler.

Learn more and more

I think that I can call June as the month as I learned the most so far. I can still sit around and read even when things are not that good (not always, but most of the time). And that is what I did.

Get Ready To Grow Your Blog with Building a Framework.

My last acquisition was the Master Package of Building a Framework. I am sincerely excited about it. Interacting with other readers has also been a very rewarding experience. I am loving it! I shared a sneak peek of their interview about SEO on this post and here’s another one for you.

I have been reading Abby’s blog for sometime and even use one of her printables for my editorial calendar. Learning from her has been a really rewarding experience that I cannot recommend enough.

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And that is it for this month. Please check also my previous check-ins for 2015:

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Have a fabulous July!


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