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Hi there! I’m Debbie Rodrigues. I’m here to help YOU regain control of your schedule to develop a fulfilling lifestyle without overwhelm.

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Discover the Intentional Lifestyle

I believe YOU have hidden talents that need to be unveiled and developed so that you can live up to your Potential.

To help you find time for the things you love, set meaningful goals, define your priorities, focus on what truly matters and apply the best tools, I create the methodology Mindful Planning™.

The 5 Steps To Mindful Planning™


Get visibility over your day and start saving time.



Assess your as-is routine to plan the path to your goals.



Define the right priorities for you to be successful.




Answer the right questions for clarity.



Organize your schedule intentionally.


Looking for a challenge?

Stop wasting time!

Learn how to identify and solve efficiency killers without stress.

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Affirmations To Build Confidence.

30 Affirmations to

Build Confidence

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