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Hi there! I’m Debbie Rodrigues. I help planners organize their time better to make room to invest in their passions.

Learn how to develop a fulfilling lifestyle with confidence and less stress to be more successful!

How can I help you?

“I lost confidence in my ability to make good choices and the willpower to leave my comfort zone in the name of my dreams.”


“I need help making a realistic plan. I feel lost and my schedule isn’t balanced and I end up surviving instead of living.”


“I’m sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed all the time. I know I deserve better and I’m ready to invest in myself.”


Discover the Intentional Lifestyle

I experienced first hand the impact of awareness on my own transformation.

Once I got clarity of my big vision, I was able to structure my routine and prioritize the things that lead me to my Goals.


  Certified Holistic Life Coach

Reiki Level 1 Practitioner        National Certified Personal Trainer 


5 Steps To Mindful Planning


I believe YOU have hidden talents that need to be unveiled and developed so that you can live up to your Potential.

To help you find time for the things you love, set meaningful goals, define your priorities, focus on what truly matters and apply the best tools, I created the methodology Mindful Planning™.

Create space in your schedule for the people and things that really matter with a customized approach that fits your personal struggles and needs.





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