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My 2015 Commitments: May Check-In

My 2015 Commitments: May Check-In

If you browse through my blog you will see that I did not write about my 2015 commitments in April. The reason for that you can find on my entry Time For A Reset. Today a new month begins and it is time to go through my May Check-in with you and assess my progress.

First of all, I have to say that: I love May! Why is that?

  1. In the South Hemisphere it is Fall, my favorite season
  2. On the second Sunday of the month, it is Mother’s Day
  3. My birthday is on May 12

What is not to be happy about? And I would like to stress the number 3 since this year I am turning 40. How awesome is that! No, I am not crazy. I just used my quote of worrying about my age 10 years ago. Reaching 30 felt like the end of the line for me. Besides, I went through enough challenges the past years, including my recent surgery. I am just happy to be alive and here, writing to you all!

Looking through the commitments I assigned to myself for 2015, here is where I stand.

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Invest in my health

I am still slowly recovering from the surgery. I feel fine in general, but the truth is that I spend most of my day sitting whether in the couch or at my home desk. Eventually I move around, I have been trying to cook something fresh every day and at night, I go to bed. I know it is not much, but when I got home from the hospital it was much worse. In the beginning, I could barely go to the bedroom and back to the living room (note that we live in an apartment). There has been some progress for sure.

As from next week I will pace myself to walk outside. I learned my lesson last week crying my way back home after a visit to the post. Doing one mile is 50 minutes again is out of question though. I did some research online and found some “From Couch To Walk” plans. The things is that their start point is too hard for me right now. Walking 15 minutes non-stop is out of question. So I will be putting together my own plan. I will be posting more about it next week and I will keep you updated on the progress.

Neither my body weight or fat percentage bother me for the moment. I am eating healthy and feeding myself to heal, without worrying about esthetics. Time will come to get in shape again. For now I am focusing in having anti-inflammatory foods and complex carbs to recover properly.

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Keep on organizing

While I did not do that well last time, I am truly improving my organizational skills. To me, the greatest progress has been maintaining what I have done so far. What has already been decluttered and organized, stays like that. This is so refreshing and is allowing me to move further in a fast pace. It is true that I have been home since the end of April, but as I mentioned above, my actions are VERY limited. I have been using the little energy I have wisely and it is paying me back with profit.

Not only my things are getting organized, but my online presence as well. I may have all day to stay in front of the computer, it is true. But do I have energy to do so? The answer is no. The only way I manage to keep things moving is by making good use of my time. And for that, some planning, organization and time management is always welcome.

My 2015 Commitments: May Check-in

Learn more and more

Because sitting around is all I can do, I have been able to catch up with my favorite bloggers and books. My focus span is still limited. Going through a whole book in one sitting like I normally like to do is out of question. After one hour I am depleted and need to stop.

Between naps, I am reading again the Dummies book for our Nikon D60 and doing a lot of research on the Internet. I know that as a self-student of photography there is only that far that I can go, but I am enjoying it a lot.

As I learn, I also share the knowledge I have acquired throughout all the years I have been blogging. It is rewarding whenever someone leaves me a comment or drops me an email about the tips I share. Every time that I have the chance to help some out with the things I know, my mission is accomplished and I am a happy person.

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 This week, I am again joining the Friday Reflections Link Party with this blog. I chose the following prompt for my participation:

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

Isn’t it a perfect subject for someone turning 40 soon? I think so!

The more I read and hear about it, the more I am convinced that age is indeed just a number. Until not long ago the image that we had of grandparents were people with lots of time in their hands but without much they could do. They were destined (or should I say doomed) to stay home and look for their grandchildren. No hobbies or social activities outside family celebrations allowed. Nowadays we see people in their 60s, 70s and 80s performing in sports like many of those in their 20s cannot. Here I am today, sharing my plans for the next months, changing habits, writing about how I achieved my dreams in my ebook… And when I reflect about my life, I feel that I am only 40 and there is still a lot I can do.

I do not know how your life looks like right now; what your concerns are; or what you have been doing professionally or personally. Anyways, I want to remind you that “you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. Believe in yourself. No one has ever been granted a dream they do not have the skills to fulfill. Open your heart to new possibilities; trust your gut feeling and; dare become the inspiring being you are meant to be.

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I want to remind you that April’s Tip Tuesday Linkup is still open until next week. Come one over and join it by sharing one of those amazing blogs with tips I know you all have. 😉 Let me learn from you too!

 Welcome May!


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Debbie Rodrigues is a powerhouse Executive Assistant by day and a Planning aficionado by night. During her free time, when she is not cycling, you'll probably find her journaling.

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By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

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