Check these 4 Spotify playlists with Reiki healing music for all occasions. They have everything you need to focus, relax and fall asleep.

I love music.

Since I was a baby, my mom raised me with the habit of having some kind of background music. Including for bedtime.

Music and a small lamp close to my bed were a constant.

It might seem strange but her reasons were good and if you have children, I would recommend you give it a try.

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Falling asleep is not something that little ones like to do.

How many times have you seen cuties fighting against their sleep?

Also, when they are outside or there are visitors, they struggle getting the rest they need. It was to avoid such situations that my mom had the music and the light on.

Until today, I can sleep pretty much anywhere, at any night time.

Falling asleep is not always that simple. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably bumped into my posts mentioned my weird hours. However, once I fall asleep, I am out.

Relax. And if you need some help, listen to some Reiki healing music.

Earlier this week they decided to clean our street at 5:30 AM in the morning.

For almost an hour they had this small truck riding back and forth throwing small rocks against our windows.

But you know what? I did not hear a thing. Note that we live on the first floor and our bedroom windows are pretty much “on the street”.

One of the things that help me a lot falling asleep in general is having some kind of white noise in the background.

Rain sounds are my favorite, but pretty much anything from waves to cats purring does the trick. I love even those interference like sounds.

When looking for a playlist on Spotify to help me focus, I came across the perfect one.

If you are also into white noise, you have to check White Noise out.

It contains only 19 songs but it lasts 20 hours! It is the sort of playlist you turn on and forget about it.

For me, it works like a charm, for both sleep and focus.

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You might be wondering what white noise is doing in a list of Reiki healing music, but it can be a great alternative to switch your focus.

Not everyone is for music when doing relaxation or mediation.

For these people, instead of having some melody that will “call” their attention, white noise can be a better option.

Another playlist I use for sleep and focus is Experimental Ambient.

This one was created by Spotify Brasil* (how cool is that?) and contains 30 songs that last almost 4 hours in total.

I am not a morning person.

Since I started using RescueTime it has been even more clear to me. It is true that I prefer doing my physical activities in the morning. Still, I am more alert past mid-day.

The cool about this playlist is that it pretty much lasts the interval I set for blogging and doing my social media after lunch.

I do try setting a timer, but I have not been consistent. In the case of Experimental Ambient however, when it all goes silent, I know it is time to move on.

Using music as a timer can be nicer than setting an alarm. #Reiki #coaching Click To Tweet

Of course that I do not sit around in front of the computer non-stop for all this time. But with this playlist I can also insert one or two yoga poses or some SMR without it sounding odd, literally.

Other music genres make me want go crazy and dance, but I cannot do it yet. Frustrating!

Anyway, yoga and SMR are great alternatives and I am not going to complain about it.

Some months ago, I bought 101 Healing Sleep Songs with Sounds of Nature for my Reiki practices.

I used to listen to an online station, but they have very annoying commercials and their fee was too high in my opinion. So I started looking for alternatives on iTunes and I found this album. Bumping into it on Spotify was perfect.

Even though there are effectively 101 songs on the list, they are not the longest ones. You can listen to it entirely in a little bit more than 5 hours. It is ideal for those who like some variation.

Last but not least is Reiki Meditation Sleep.

If you are into meditation, you will love this.

With 18 songs, this play list ends after 60 minutes (59 to be precise). It is both the duration of a long Reiki session and can be used for relaxation and unwinding practices as well.

Remember what I said about my mom using songs for me to sleep? This playlist includes a song called “Musica para Bebes” which means music for babies in Portuguese. If babies can sleep with it, why not you?

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Have you ever listened to Reiki healing music? Do you use music to relax, sleep or focus?

Reiki Healing Music for Focus, Relaxation and SleepCheck these 4 Spotify playlists with Reiki healing music for all occasions. They have everything you need to focus, relax and fall asleep.

*No, it was not a typo. I intentionally wrote Brazil with an “s” because that is how it shows on the app.

** Neither me or the brand Debbie Rodrigues has any kind of affiliation with Spotify.

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