Whining sucks for those who complain as well as for those who listen. Get rid of this bad habit for productivity, success, and health.

Do you know someone you avoid asking how they are because of the answer?

I do!

Sometimes, a warm “good morning” is all that it takes for them to start nagging about how bad EVERYTHING is.

Whenever I get involved in such conversations, I feel like being drained.

As the complaints become more and more intense, all I want to do is find the closest exit as soon as possible.

And it’s worse when people you love and care a lot has this habit because “running away” isn’t an option.

One almost feels like joining the negativity boat to avoid losing the friend, but we both know it’s a harmful approach for both sides.

What to do then?

How can you deal with whining without letting it get to you?

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The borderline

Please note I’m not implying you should become passive all the time.

We all have our opinions and preferences.

You won’t be destroying someone else’s day just by stating things such as:

  • The weather is too hot.
  • There’s too much traffic.
  • I don’t like this restaurant.

However, without realizing it, sometimes what seems to be just the expression of our opinion becomes a never ending chain of complaints.

A moment of “venting” soon turns into a real hurricane of emotions that blocks our ability to think clearly and see things for what they truly are.

Avoiding becoming a party pooper is just one of the advantages of staying away from complaints.

Complaining is also bad for your health and productivity.

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The dangers of whining

Complaining kills.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a metaphor.

Let’s face: you don’t complain about good things, do you?

Whining is always something negative.

And as anything else that is negative in our life, it presents dangers.

3 of these dangers are:

  • The more you complain, the easier it gets to do it.
  • It’s contagious.
  • It causes stress.

The more you complain…

The scary part of it and that most people fail to realize is that the more you do it, the easier it gets to keep on complaining.

It’s like working out.

The more you run, the faster you’ll be. The heavier the weights you pick up, the stronger you’ll become.

The more you whine, the more reasons you’ll find to do it.

It may even reach a point that your brain will automatic jump into “disaster” mode without any apparent reason or trigger.

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It’s contagious

All it takes is one person to destroy the mood.

The whining bug bites you whenever you surround yourself with people who:

  • Gossip all the time.
  • Always find reasons to complain.
  • Are constantly negative about others and life.

It works this way because of our natural empathy.

We follow the trend.

Unfortunately for us in this case, a bad one.

It causes stress

You may think that stress makes you complain. However, complaining triggers stress too.

Negativity releases cortisol, the stress hormone.

Not only your mood and energy levels are affected, but your body, as well.

To make things even worse, whining doesn’t change anything.

You can make all the fuss that you want, but unless you get things done, nothing changes.

Complaining about your grudges won’t take you anywhere which is another good reason to let go.

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Whining sucks

There are no benefits in complaining.

When it comes to your productivity it creates a snowball effect of inefficiency that clouds your best efforts to get more done.

The good side of it is that it depends EXCLUSIVELY on you to change it.

You can start with things as simple as affirmations to plant daily seeds of positivity in your life.

In addition, you can join like-minded people who are working towards their personal development .

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See you at the challenge

The method I apply to the challenge is exactly the same one I use with my clients: Mindful Planning™.

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I’m looking forward guiding you towards a successful year and beyond!

Whining sucks for those who complain as well as for those who listen. Get rid of this bad habit for productivity, success, and health. Read all about it on the blog!

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