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Rolling Like a Boss!

Rolling Like a Boss!

I got a new toy!
And it is PINK

It is a foam roller and you should get one too and start rolling like a boss!

Since my running comeback I have been discovering some new accessories that make the life of athletes much easier and help recovery. Some weeks ago, I bought running compression socks and I cannot live without them anymore. Last Thursday, I got another toy that works wonders: a Foam Roller.
Why do I use foam roller? Because it is soon good! Have you given it a try already?

Why? Because it is so good!

Last month, my dear friend Azra Sabic, from Ireland, posted a picture of her newly acquired PINK foam roller on Instagram. It was love at first sight. I had already read reviews here and there about it, but it was the first time I was seeing someone from ‘my side of the ocean’ talking about. When she said it was helping her with DOMS, I added it to my items to have!
[Tweet “Foam rollers are excellent to use every day, also when you don’t train. #SMR #stretching”]
First, I tried some sport shops in town, but foam rollers were nowhere to be found. I am not sure whether they are simply not popular in Belgium or if it is because they have not arrived in my city. A week ago however, one of the online supplement shops I buy from posted that they were offering (PINK) foam rollers. The wait had come to an end!!! I placed my order on Wednesday and on Thursday, I received it.

But what is so good about foam rollers?

Foam rollers are considered to be the best way to eliminate and prevent muscle knots. They can help you stretch and massage yourself, do strengthening exercises and improve balance and body alignment.
In other words, it offers the results of a massage session at a low cost. You can substitute some visits for as low as a one-time $20.
My magical recovery tool. I have 2 foam rollers from Trigger Point and one (black) Rumble Roller.

Matching my socks with my pink foam roller.

My experience so far

My PINK foam roller is from the brand Trigger Point. I got the Grid model (did I mention that it is PINK?).
Of course that I gave it a try immediately. Wednesday had been leg day for me and DOMS were bothering it. My first thought was “Wow!”. I have to admit that it overcome my expectations by far.
As I have been interested in for a while, I had already done my research on the moves to do. I used it mainly on my hamstrings, quads and calves. I did some IT band roll, but just for the fun. It might not be the most comfortable feeling at first like most massages. The difference is the relief it brings afterwards. It felt great!
[Tweet “When used after workout, foam rollers contribute to the #reduction of #DOMS. “]
On Friday, I repeated the dose after my running. It really speeded up my recovery. On Saturday, it did not feel like I had gone through a tough 10km the day before.


Overal impressions

Even though I have been using it for only about a week, I cannot hide how excited I am for the results so far. I am looking forward keeping on using it much more (I have not tried it for the back or any strengthening exercise, for example).
Before you get me wrong: this is not a sponsored blog. I bought this product and I am not receiving any kind of compensation for writing it.
And you: have you ever tried a foam roller? If yes, how was your experience? If not, would you like to?
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Have a relaxing day!
No matter what sport you practice, by using a foam roller as your warm-up and cooldown, you will get your muscles ready for action and recovery.

Rolling Like a Boss!

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IMPORTANT: If you are planning on using foam rollers as injury treatment, you should consult your doctor or physical therapist first. Please make sure it applies for you before starting any treatment.
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