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How To Hack Your Lifestyle For Mindfulness With Wellness

How To Hack Your Lifestyle For Mindfulness With Wellness

As important as having a healthy body, it’s to have a healthy mind. Mindful thoughts of health and well-being help us live life with less stress and more focus.

One of the chronic diseases of our times is disconnection. Even though we have all the means and tools, and many of us are “online” most of the day, there’s still something missing. Connections are related to our relationships but also within ourselves.

When we set goals for our future, put together mood boards or define our plans, most of the time we focus on one aspect of ourselves. We think individually about career, appearance, and goods we want to buy.

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Making mindful choices

Rarely we take the time to connect the dots that makes us whole.

One example is when asking a child about their college choice. Have you ever asked about how they “felt” about it? Most parents are concerned their kids will choose a lucrative career. A degree that will support a successful future and that they’ll make money to buy whatever they want or need.

Now let’s think of that dream physique of yours. When you decided that you wanted to look like your role model, did you take into consideration the difference between your lifestyle? If you have a full-time job, a family and other responsibilities, are you sure you can keep up with a professional athlete? Aren’t you putting too much pressure on yourself? Aren’t you setting unrealistic goals to the life you have today?

Frequently we think of the material aspect of life but neglect our wellness. Women, mainly mothers, tend to put others in first place and forget about themselves. They buy the best for their kids and partners while grabbing “whatever” for themselves.

Balance is necessary. If you don’t show self-love, you might find it hard to express it for others.

One way to practice self-love without spending a little fortune is by acquiring wellness products consciously.

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Mindful shopping

With the Holiday shopping (madness) knocking at our doors, it’s the best time of the year to apply mindfulness to our wellness as well.

Being aware when meditating, eating and exercise makes sense. But have you ever thought about it regarding the self-care products you use?

By now, you have already seen it coming, haven’t you? The same exercise I suggested you do at the supermarket, I want you to do it with your beauty product, as well: start checking the labels.

Be aware of the ingredients

We talk a lot about avoiding food that contains gluten. But what about the gluten present in beauty products? Did you know about it?

It’s true that there isn’t any scientific proof that gluten from wellness products can damage your health. It’s only dangerous for an ultra sensitive patient. Still, it’s information that few know.

Other examples are parabens and phthalates.

Phthalates have been associated with many health problems, including:

  • infertility
  • obesity
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • breast cancer

Different from gluten, parabens can be dermally absorbed. Their estrogenicity and tissue presence are a cause for concern about breast cancer.

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Mindful products

Along with some changes in my intake, I decided to adopt a mindful approach to the self-care products I use too.

Some of the alternatives I started looking for are products free of:

  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • gluten
  • animal cruelty

HASK Keratin Smoothing Hair Care Collection

HASK Keratin Smoothing Collection

Being given the chance to review HASK Keratin Smoothing Collection* came to me at the right time.

I was requested to share my thoughts only on the social media. Yet, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to expand on the subject and give you some additional feedback and background information. Besides, it fits perfectly on today’s blog topic.

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About the products

First of all, I love some slim packaging. I have to say that their “Hair Envy” drawstring canvas bag is adorable and handy.

When reading the description of the product, 3 points caught my attention:

  1. Repairs damage
  2. Reduces breakage
  3. Helps to reduce static

1. Repairs damage

Because I like to change my hairstyle from time to time, I’m letting my hair grow now. I’m doing it by visiting less the hairdresser.

The side-effect is that the points are getting damaged. There’s a reason your should trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks.

Even though I could not see it with my eyes because my hair is not that long yet, I could feel the damage.

2. Reduces breakage

My hair is thin, and it breaks easily. But because it’s also oil, finding a balanced product is not always straightforward.

A lot of the products I tried left my hair washed-out only a couple hours after use.

3. Helps to reduce static

Winter is coming and along with it, hair static.

Don’t you hate when you’re in a rush in the morning, and your hair plays tricks with you?

I use a wooden comb, but it’s not enough when you are styling. I have tried everything to keep my hair down, but I wasn’t always successful.

HASK Keratin Smoothing Hair Care Collection

My experience

With HASK Keratin Smoothing Collection*, I could see the effects right after the first wash.

Since I got all four products, I used them combined for one week to be able to share my opinion with you. First I used only the shampoo; then I combined it with the conditioner; another time, shampoo and deep conditioner; and lastly, the shine oil on wet and dry hair. Note that I wash my hair every 2 days outside summer.

To begin with, I have to admit I was not sure what to expect from the smell, but it left an excellent first impression. All products smell so delicate, and it’s not strong that would mix up with your perfume, for example.

I was chatting with my mom through the webcam earlier today, and she brought up how “shiny” may hair looked. Yes, the difference is this big!

The points have been thoroughly repaired, and my hair is much smoother now. And all that by using products that fall into my personal specifications. How awesome is that!

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Moving forward

Start your mindful shopping by getting information on the products you use.

It can be because of a particular condition you have or to start a holistic approach to your wellness. There are more and more natural alternatives available on the market. Don’t hesitate to give them a try.

Not all brands lure you with famous faces on their campaigns. Instead, they prefer to invest money in quality and research. While they may not be known to the general public, they offer excellent products. HASK is one of them.

Invest in yourself. Become an educated consumer. Don’t wait to feel unwell to think about your health, work preventatively. It’s better to take care of your body by choice rather than because you have no other option.

Think about it!

Do you choose wellness products mindfully?

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Be healthy. Live fully.

* I didn’t receive financial compensation for this blog. In fact, as mentioned above, I was given HASK Keratin Smoothing Collection in exchange for my honest review on social media by HASK through BrandBacker.

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By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

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