Have you ever thought about using fitness for stress management? If not, I’m sure you’ll change your mind after this post.

Athletes of all levels can confirm it: fitness for stress management works!

And it has nothing to do with the activity itself or your fitness level. It’s all a matter of getting started and doing it consistently.

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Stress and you

We have already discussed how stress impacts your health. It’s such a silent threat that many people only realize how serious it is when they are going through a burnout.

The problem about stress is that, on paper, it’s impossible to live without it.

It’s the “fight or flight” state of alertness that keeps us safe, even today.

We may not need to protect our “caves” from giant monsters anymore, but we have to:

  • avoid diseases
  • keep our jobs
  • protect our beloved ones
  • pay all the bills
  • fit in society (an underrated pressure!)

Besides, our attention is constantly required.

We know multitasking does more damage than good. Yet, it’s a challenge for more most of us to focus on only one thing at a time. And it’s not necessarily because we want to keep on multitasking.

Try telling your boss you can’t get a second assignment or responsibility because you are already working on something?

On a second thought, please don’t!

Time will come when corporations, the media, and society in general, will realize there is another (better) way to get things done. They’ll change the rules of the game based on science.

Until then, however, we have to juggle between peer pressure and sanity. But we can’t ignore that this duality is also a source of stress itself.

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So how can you manage stress in this madness?

Managing stress

We already know that:

  • since stress is something we need to survive, eliminating it from our life is not an option
  • even if wanted to end it, life around us wouldn’t allow it either (yet?)

That’s why when we talk about stress we use the term “management” and not “elimination”.

We just cannot get rid of it if we want to be still able to function normally.

Reiki is an excellent option you should consider adding to your arsenal without exception.

Whether attending a session or doing distance Reiki, the results mid and long-term are visible.

Another alternative available for managing stress is adding regular physical activities to your routine.

"Taking the time to do some regular physical activity is NOT egoistic.” - Debbie Rodrigues

Fitness for stress management

If your general wellness is not enough reasons to get you moving right away, check these three reasons why you should be exercising:

  • Endorphins
  • Attention shift
  • Mood


One thing everyone knows about endorphins is that they produce that “good feeling” in us. They block the transmission of pain signals and also produce a euphoric feeling.

While they won’t remove stress from your life, endorphins will help you get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed all the time. They work like an oasis in the desert of covered with appointments, to-dos, and endless meetings.

Besides, you know you’ll feel better after your training whether it’s running, yoga, or CrossFit because that’s what endorphins do.

Attention shift

While you can still go through your calendar in your head while walking to the car, once you increase your pace to a brisk walk, it’ll not be that easy anymore.

Remember your body was not made for and doesn’t like, accumulating activities. Whenever it can, it shifts back to a more focused mode.

It’s true that during a long race, for example, thoughts of making it to the finish take over while the body just move, almost based on instinct. But you’ll find a break from all the overwhelming and stressful thoughts for sure if you:

  • go for a run during lunch break
  • do some yoga after office hours
  • take long brisk walks while the kids are at school


Food is commonly used as a source of comfort. Mainly unhealthy, fatty and sugary snacks are frequent partners in crime of stressed people. But their effect doesn’t last long, and the damage they do to health is not worth the minutes of “pleasure”.

Some studies show, however, that exercise can work quickly to elevate depressed mood in many people.

Even a short walk outdoors can already work wonders.

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How to get your exercise done

Maybe the idea of adding another activity to your packed schedule may sound scary. But before panicking, open your mind for alternatives out-of-the-box.

Take also the other aspects into consideration while pondering about using fitness for stress management.


Forget all the silly things you have read or heard about bikini body or dad bod. Focus on optimal health instead. Today:

  • Are you going into any treatment because of conditions related to your weight?
  • Do you have problems in performing basic activities because of your fitness level?
  • Can you say your intake is in line with the amount of activity you perform on a daily basis?


At the end of day, right before going to bed:

  • Are you tired but your mind is still spinning around?
  • Do you try to do one thing or two to catch up with deadlines?
  • Does your body hurt for spending most of the day in the same position?

Does knowing in your mind that you should be doing more to improve your fitness level makes you feel:

  • Frustrated?
  • Anxious?
  • Depressed?

Now tell me, are you sure you don’t have between 30 minutes to one hour 3 or 5 times a week to sneak some physical activity in your life? 

Ask yourself:

Aren’t I worth the investment in my well-being?

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It’s all in your hands now!

Maybe the time is not right for you at the moment, but don’t neglect your health until it’s too late.

Stress sends us many signs before causing any significant damage. Unfortunately, we’re generally so caught up in the daily madness we don’t even notice them.

And if the fact that you can use fitness for stress management is not enough for you, think of other benefits, such as:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Improve your cholesterol
  • Reduce blood sugar

Remember it’s your life we’re talking about!

Download today the 3 questions you have to answer if you want to get rid of stress in your life.

For women, it’s easy to put everyone else first and to forget about themselves. And no, taking the time to do some regular physical activity is NOT egoistic. You deserve to be healthy and live fully just like anybody else.

Now tell me:

How are you going to start using fitness for stress management today?

Have you ever thought about using fitness for stress management? If not, I’m sure you’ll change your mind after this post.


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