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How To Deal With Stress The Holistic Way

How To Deal With Stress The Holistic Way

We are all affected by stress throughout life. The faster we act upon it, the better it’s to prevent it from damaging our health.

According to Merriam-Webster’s definition, stress is something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety.

More and more it’s becoming hard to think of a day when we don’t go through some kind of stress.

Some modern stress triggers are:

  • traffic
  • financials
  • world issues
  • violence
  • poverty
  • career
  • health

Thanks to the advent of Internet, we don’t have only our own problems.

We share the fears and concerns of those on the other side of the globe as well.

While it’s a beautiful thing to become all connected as One.

Unfortunately, the price paid for that is the addition of anxiety in our system.

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It’s impossible to shut oneself from the world out there.

Not only it’d be almost impossible these days, I don’t think you’d want that.

Life in society is an incredible experience to grow.

But how to manage all the extra pressure? How can you enjoy life without getting caught up with all the added stress?

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Your health and stress

The impact of stress in our health is not taken as seriously as it should.

Some of its physical symptoms are:

  • headaches
  • upset stomach
  • high blood pressure
  • chest pain
  • sleep problems

Other symptoms and conditions can be worsen by it, and it may also trigger harmful behaviors. Some of such are the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs as stress relievers.

Stress affects people both physically and mentally.

This depletion ends up unbalancing their spirit as they feel unwell, and sometimes, frustrated.

Not everyone reacts the same way when it comes to stress.

Similar to depression and anxiety, factors like personality and social support will influence how stress affects people.

With that said, it shouldn’t be overlooked just-because. It’s not because one person reacts differently to the majority that his or her case is less serious.

Dealing with stress the Holistic way

One of the common mistakes in treating stress is focusing exclusively on its symptoms.

If for example a patient has stomach problems as a result of continuous stress, medications are prescribed only for the GI tract condition.

With the specialization of medicine and with doctors attending an always increasing number of patients, there’s less time to work on the “whole”.

This reality ends up leading to a never-ending search for a magic pill that doesn’t take into consideration that cause of the issue.

Think of an old car.

You change the doors, put on new seats, get it painted and so on.

From outside, it looks just like new. But while you did your best, the engine is still the original one, no filters were changed and the gearbox has had better days.

How reliable is this car? Is it really “new”?

The same goes with our Body when we focus on treating only the symptoms while ignoring the true cause of the issue.

If you are feeling stressed out and it’s causing your body to react, along with your medical treatment, make sure you touch the source of your illness, as well. That’s the Holistic Health approach.

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it." - Hans Selye

Reiki as a stress management tool works wonders for me. I cannot recommend it enough. But there are other things you can do too.

I’m going to list here 3 steps you can take today that will help you get rid of stress in your life once and for all (or at least, deal with it timely before it hurts your health).

But before you move to the steps, make sure you download and answer these 3 questions.

Without clarity about your stress trigger(s), it’s almost impossible to deal with it properly.

It’s very easy to say things like “my job/boss/partner/kids stress me”, or even “everything stresses me”. But is it really so?

This feeling of being overwhelmed is caused by the entire environment? Or are you just too immersed to see the start line?

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Stress management in 3 steps

These are the steps you have to start taking today to overcome your stress:

  1. Identify the root cause
  2. Set a plan to overcome it
  3. Repeat

3 steps you can start applying right now to manage stress in your life. Read more on the blog!

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1. Identify the root cause

In case you are wondering, yes, it’s the questionnaire.

Answer to the questions with all sincerity. Unless you feel the need to do so, remember you won’t be showing it to anyone. Just go all in.

Write it out to your heart’s content.

Feel as if you were doing some therapy session. Let it all get out of your mind. Write on the back or get an extra sheet of paper with necessary.

Dig deep in the cause(s) so that you can start working on the results.

Go to list.

2. Set a plan to overcome it

Now that you know where exactly the problem lies, it’s time to take some action.

Instead of just thinking about a solution, I want you to have a plan in place and get it done.

The year has just started and I want you to commit with your well-being.

Let’s say your solution includes for instance:

  • going for daily walks
  • drinking more water
  • sleeping 8 hours every night

So you’ll have to block time in your calendar, find a way to keep track of your water intake or get a device that registers your sleep time.

But don’t leave it all up to your tracking systems, remember that you are the one who needs to take action.

Go to list.

3. Repeat

It’s not because you made it for a couple of days that you should give it all up. Habits are built through repetition.

In the beginning, chances are it will all go very smooth.

Just have in mind you’ll also face obstacles and that even if they hold you back for a day or 2, they cannot stop you.

Stressful situations are always present in our life.

Some are harder than others, though.

Either way, you can keep stress under control if you continuously manage it.

Go to list.

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Coming up

Let’s talk about money! I want you to Be Healthy and Live Fully, without added stress. Having enough bucks to invest in you well-being without crashing your bank account plays an important role in it.

If you have any specific questions you’d like to ask me about stress and health, please go to and drop me a line. I’m also accepting anonymous inquiries. In other words, you don’t have to identify yourself if you don’t want to.

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What is your level of stress today? Give me a score between 1 and 5 with 1 being the lowest, and 5, the highest.

We are all affected by stress throughout life. The faster we act upon it, the better it’s to prevent it from damaging our health.

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Debbie Rodrigues is a powerhouse Executive Assistant by day and a Planning aficionado by night. During her free time, when she is not cycling, you'll probably find her journaling.

Hello, my name is Debbie Rodrigues.

By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

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