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How To Find Time To Work Out Consistently

How To Find Time To Work Out Consistently

Check these tips on how to find time to work out consistently based on your personality type. Be inspired and start moving.

One of the biggest barriers beginners face when starting their fitness journey how to find time to work out.

However, we all know people who train consistently in spite of:

  • professional responsibilities
  • private appointments
  • personal challenges

When we look at our schedule, it all seems impossible, though.

It’s not like we don’t want to begin with physical activity, yet we’re already tired and overloaded as-is.

How is it possible to fit another item to Your calendar? Even harder, how to add it on a regular basis?

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Find time to work out according to your energy levels

There isn’t a definitive answer. It depends on a lot of various factors that only you can determine. Still, I want to share some ideas that may inspire you to find the best solution for yourself.

Instead of looking at your schedule, let’s focus on the time of the day when you have most energy:

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Early birds

If you’re a morning person, the following paragraphs are you.

I did workouts before starting my day at the office for years, but I’m not going to lie to you: it is not my thing.

I could never understand those colleagues who arrived high-spirited chatting as if it was happy hour.

While I was counting down the minutes to end my training, I was never able to figure out from where they got all that energy so early in the morning. Still, it has advantages.

The best thing about training the first thing in the morning is that you are not leaving exercising to chance.

No matter how well you plan your time, expect the unexpected.

Even though your health and well-being should always come first, if your kid is sick, there’s no way you can focus on your workout.

If you get stuck in the office because of a last-minute meeting, you may not feel like training afterwards.

Some of the options for those who find time to work out in the morning are:

  • Yoga: Do the sun salutation a couple of times even before leaving the bedroom.
  • Cardio: There are no conclusive results about whether or not to do cardio with an empty stomach. Listen to your body and see what fits you best.
  • Swimming: Jumping into the water can be excellent to get ready for the day.
  • Biking: Why not going to school or work by bike? You avoid traffic and work out at the same time.
  • Walking: Taking the dog outside can be a way to get some physical activity. Why not?

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Depending on how much time you have during your lunch break, you can squeeze some exercise around midday.

The primary concern here is that you don’t skip your meal.

While having a physical activity is crucial for wellness, your body needs enough fuel to function properly.

A smoothie or a fast snack can work once or twice, but they shouldn’t become a habit.

You need real balanced food: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Remember the reason you started. Your health must always come first. Don’t neglect your intake, ever!

The options are very similar to the ones mentioned under Early Birds. The difference is that you may also have the possibility to follow your favorite fitness class, as well.

Create a support group with a colleague or a classmate for accountability.

Ideally, find a partner with similar goals and who is on a similar fitness level.

Training with someone who is more advanced can help you push your limits, but do not try to go much beyond your limits. If an extra mile is too much for you, don’t take it personally if they want to go for it. Forcing yourself too much will only serve to cause you injuries.

On the other hand, your partner shouldn’t slow down for you either. Remember you’re together for mutual support.

Make sure you have everything in your gym bag. If you have to go back to work afterwards, you may wish to take a shower.

If a 1-mile walk is what you have planned, remember to wear comfortable shoes and not to carry anything heavy with you. Outdoors or on a treadmill, walks are great exercises for everyone.

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Night owls

This is the category that fits me best.

For everything I do, I feel at my top after 8 PM. Of course that if I have to wake up early in the morning for work, I’ll be more tired around 10 PM. But if I can get up around 7 or 8 AM, the sky is the limit and the evening is just the beginning.

I can do whatever activity I want highly motivated!

Training in the evening was played a crucial role in my stress management for years. The more stress I had during the day, the more I wanted to leave it all in the gym.

Another great advantage of working out in the evening is not having to worry about next appointments.

At about one hour or so before training, make sure you have some pre-workout meal.

Chances are you’ll be having dinner later because of your workout, but you don’t have to starve because of it.

Depending on your activity and availability, you may choose between some light meal or a protein shake.

Even if you take a pre-workout beverage or BCAAs intra-workout, make sure you have eaten something within 2 hours before training.

And don’t wait until you get home to have some replenishing snack.

It is imperative to support and accelerate your recovery.

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Make time to work out

Mainly, in the beginning, it is hard to find time to work out. The solution is making time for it.

Each person is different, so remember to be realistic with your schedule.

Working out 3 times a week for about 30 minutes is ideal.

You may miss a TV program or need to reschedule some household task, but it’s worth it.

How about taking a detour on your way home to walk an extra block?

You can also leave your trainers in the garage and go for a walk even before getting inside the house. 

There are those who will be OK with waking up a little earlier in the morning. Or you can catch up on the weekend.

It is important to allow yourself time to recover at all times.

Sleep is a critical aspect of training.

Watch out for solutions that will cut your rest time significantly.

Adults need an average of 8 hours of quality sleep per night. Just lying in bed awake doesn’t count. 

If taking classes is committing more time than you can afford, try to do some exercise at home.

Talk to your Personal Trainer. They will be able to put a plan together that will fit the tightest schedules.

Be realistic with plans and goals.

If going for a walk is all you can do in the beginning, don’t expect a physic transformation after 12 weeks.

You’ll surely feel better than you were at the start, but there is so much light cardio can do.

Remember to adapt your intake accordingly.

Any activity will put you to burn more calories.

Make sure you’re getting all the macros necessary to support your new lifestyle.

Even if weight loss is part of your goal, going into starvation mode will bring you no good. 

Above all, observe how your body reacts to the new routine.

You’ll probably feel sore in the beginning and more tired, but after a couple of weeks: how is it going?

Find time to work out for your improvement, not to feel more stressed or unbalanced.

Assess your progress and don’t hesitate to make adjustments you consider necessary.

The best way to boost your efficiency without stress one day at a time. Join the challenge today to make room in your schedule for the things that truly matter to you. Boost your lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed with the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You. #productivity #confidence #success #challenge #beforeandafter #community #support #accountability #motivation

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Check these tips on how to find time to work out consistently based on your personality type. Be inspired, create space in your schedule, and start moving to be healthier and more confident. Join my FREE Vip Tribe for exclusive tips, accountability, and motivation. #productivity #confidence #success #health #lifestyle

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By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

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