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5 Gym Bag Must-haves

5 Gym Bag Must-haves

Check these 5 gym bags must-haves that fit all physical activities. Be prepared and enjoy your next workout.

There are 2 times in the year when people get extra motivated to start working out. The first one is in January. Who doesn’t have resolutions (or commitments like I prefer to call them)? The other one is during summer. The kids are at home, the weather is great for outdoor activities, so why not?

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With or without a reason, it is always wise to choose for a healthier lifestyle and do some sort of physical activity anyways.

Depending on what you decide to do, you may (or not) need specific fitness equipment or clothing to get started. However, there are certain pre-requisites that apply to almost any sportive active you select. I picked 5 gym bag must-haves to share with you that I consider to be the most important ones. They are:

  1. Water recipient
  2. Towel
  3. Basic accessories
  4. Comfortable clothing
  5. Post workout meal

1. Water recipient

There are gyms with water fountains from which you can drink straight through as much as you want. Even if it is your case, I would still recommend having a bottle at hand. You need to drink enough, not just have some sips.

A bottle is always at hand and allows you to keep track of your intake during the day. In addition, you can also drink on the way home, refueling your body on the go.

I always have my Dual Shaker with me. It is very handy because it fits in my car holder too.

My Dual Shaker on the go Debbie in Shape

My Dual Shaker on the go.

2. Towel

Towels can also be found at certain fitness centers, but still, it is better to play safe. You can use your towel to dry your sweat and place it on the fitness equipment you are using.

Hygiene is key!

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3. Basic accessories

My favorite workouts are strength training and running. When I go to the gym, I always have my training gloves, straps and belt with me. I do not hit the roads without my heart rate monitor, my GPS app and water (mainly when I run more than 5k). Make sure you have everything you need before leaving home.

Gym Bag Better Bodies Pink Labellamafia Nathalia Melo Pink Green Gray Kale Chips Debbie in Shape

My Pink Gym Bag from Better Bodies.

4. Comfortable clothing

I am guilty of wearing fancy gym/running wear. Working out is what I love to do and I am not ashamed of being girly when hitting weights or facing the streets. However, my outfits are not only for the eyes. Make sure that your clothes are protective and comfortable too.

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5. Post workout meal

I always have a shake after training. After lifting weights, I add creatine and glutamine to the mix. When I go running, I have whey and a couple of rice cakes. In both cases, I also have an extra bottle of water for hydration. Remember that your depleted body needs flue to recover faster. If you are not into shakes, have some fruit or a light snack.

Focus on health, not on weight.

Focus on health, not on weight.

Remember that no matter what products you choose, it is not their price that will determine their quality or your results. The best pair of trainers on the planet will not help you achieve your goals if they are left in the box. Do not be afraid to test different brands before picking your favorite. And if you find something new on the market, do not hesitate to try it, if it appeals to you.

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Now I want to learn more about YOU!

What are your gym bag must-haves? Do you have a wish list as well? Do you have a favorite brand?

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 Have a great day!

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** Before you start any physical activity, please consult your health care provider.

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