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The Surprising Value of Listening To Your Body For Health

The Surprising Value of Listening To Your Body For Health

In the path of personal improvement, it is important not to forget the role of our physical wellness. The answer to many of your health-related questions lies within you.

It is not rare to have self-improvement associated only with matters of the mind:

  • attending a course
  • learning a new skill
  • acquiring some certification

The truth is, your well-being is influenced by all aspects of the whole.

You may collect the highest diplomas, but if you neglect your body, it will perish.

If you aren’t attentive to the games your mind plays with you, your body will react accordingly.

We all face adversities in life. The difference is how we deal with them.

To enjoy full health and wellness, it’s necessary to think of the physical aspect of the being, as well.

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Fueling the Body

Since the advent of antibiotics, the world has experienced an astonishing revolution regarding health.

Suddenly, conditions that used to kill masses have become insignificant.

After just a week of two of treatment, severe infections could be reduced, and in some cases, eliminated.

Little by little, we abandoned the now so-called alternative methods of medicine.

Why recurring to something as “primitive” as a tea when you could get an OTC?

Besides, food has become available in enormous quantities in supermarkets and grocery shops.

Nowadays, it comes in all flavors and shapes. We don’t need to hunt anymore and even planting our vegetables has also become obsolete.

If you were born and raised in a big city like myself, you’re probably unable to picture how things used to be. I know I can’t.

Raising chicken for eggs and meat, sowing seeds and waiting for them to grow, collecting fruit from the tree, feels more like a scenery from a bucolic novel.

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Maybe because it’s the only life I know, I like big cities a lot. I cannot imagine myself going back in time.

One thing I have to assume, though: all this progress played a definitive role in the quality of our ingredients.

Because production had to increase to (try to) feed the ever growing population, new methods were developed.

The nutritional value of common ingredients started to be questioned and in many cases, we were unsure of what we were eating.

To make things worse, new “substances” were added to our standard diet.

Sugar, caffeine and who-knows-what became essential ingredients of almost everything we ingest.

In many cases, these additives damage the quality of our meals.

Yes, there is variation like never before. You can find fish and poultry in all shapes and forms imaginable.

The question remains, though: is it truly for our best interest?

“Make peace with your intake and live healthy.” – Debbie Rodrigues

I’m not here to tell you what you should or should not be eating.

I just want to remind you of the importance of the fuel you use for your body.

Think of your car, for example:

  • What kind of fuel would you use on your machine if you wanted it to be “healthy” for longer?
  • Would you choose some strange mix that can even be cheaper, but offers no guarantee?
  • Or would you prefer good quality gasoline you know would prevent your engine from wearing off easily?

Let’s go back to your body.

Even if you eat the freshest and healthiest ingredients on the planet, it is no guarantee that you will never get sick. The difference is in the way your organism reacts to both aggressors and medication.

Maybe an inflammation that could be easily controlled and cured will take much longer to heal due to lack of protection or healing bacteria.

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Start by being mindful about your intake. Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  • How much of it consists of highly processed foods?
  • Have you counted how much sugar you ingest on a daily basis?

Let’s not think only about the sugar in your coffee and tea.

I’m talking about all sugar added “everywhere”.

Even salty snacks have surprising levels of sweeteners.

Start reading labels more careful and decide for yourself.

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Master chef is far from being the best description of myself.

On the other hand, I’m a can’t-cook and I said it here many times.

But even if you are not gifted in the kitchen like me, there are very easy recipes you can add to your meal planning.

Check, for example, this sautéed spinach with eggs below.

Choose the best ingredients you can and think of your health above all the rest.

Check this super easy recipe of sautéed spinach with eggs.

Exercising the Body

Going back to the analogy of the car…

Imagine you buy the vehicle of your (wildest) dreams.

In my case, it would be an Austin Martin. I guess I can blame James Bond for that, but the sound of that engine…

Anyway, you get an Austin Martin.

You park it in your garage in full delight, but after this first drive, you never touch it again.

You save it for when you have time to go for longer rides, a particular occasion, the perfect weather condition, etc.

Guess what is going to happen to its machinery? It will rust.

No matter how incredible it is, an engine needs to run to avoid unnecessary damage.

Do I need to remind you the same happens to your body?

Our body is a perfect machine.

It performs countless autonomous functions, and it works night and day to keep us alive even while we sleep.

But guess what? Besides good fuel, it also needs to be put into action.

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Physical activity brings enormous benefits to the body influencing the:

Just to name a few.

Depending on your personal preference of even health conditions, you may need a specific workout plan. Still, you can and should remain active.

Set realistic goals and build fit habits one by one.

Don’t be afraid of starting all over again no matter how many times you take a break.

It isn’t the ideal approach, but if life happens, there is no reason to dwell on guilt.

Exercising is excellent for the young, the old, men and women.

Exercising can be something as intense as a CrossFit WOD or as relaxing as a yoga session. Make your choice and go for it.

There will probably never be a perfect time, but instead of focusing on the excuses and obstacles, set your mind in a solution mode.

Talk to people in a similar situation. Ask about their approach. Listen to their advice and adapt it to your reality.

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Listening to the Body

Consulting your health care provider helps you assess your physical condition.

Working with a Personal Trainer is ideal to set the best plan for your progress.

However, your body has all the answers to your questions about what method works best for you.

Make sure you pay attention to the signs it sends to you on a daily basis.

For instance, it’s okay to be sore after a workout, but if it’s making you feel unwell, there might be something wrong.

Maybe it’s your diet; maybe it’s your training. Do you need extra rest? Is stress inhibiting your recovery process?

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It helps a lot to make notes of your:

Do you see a repetitive pattern? Do you notice any connections?

Remember that your body is perfect, but we put it on a lot of pressure and stress.

Taking a painkiller will help you get rid of headaches or muscle discomfort. Still, it doesn’t solve the cause of the pain. If you want to free yourself from them once and for all, you will have to look deeper and “listen” carefully.

In the path of personal improvement, it is important not to forget the role of our physical wellness. The answer to many of your health-related questions lies within you.

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