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3 Not-So Secrets to Build Habits For a Fit Life

3 Not-So Secrets to Build Habits For a Fit Life

Long-lasting fitness habits are not built in a day. Here you have some secrets to get started and stay fit for life.

At the beginning of the year, a lot of people get motivated to start working out. New year’s resolutions are everywhere. After all holiday celebrations, it is time to burn all the extras and start a new lifestyle.

Because there is a lot of motivation going on, it is easier to get started. And if inspiration goes down, around March and April, a second wave starts with people wanting to get ready for the summer. The whole bikini-body thing comes up and again; everyone wants to get at their best before beach time begins.

But afterwards? Once all the hype passes, what can you do to stay focused on your goals long-term?

As a beginner, how do you turn your fitness impulses into a habit?

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Staying on track

It is common to find strict dietary and training plans that promise (and many times deliver) the shape of your dreams.

Without entering the discussion about whether these methods are healthy or not, one thing is a characteristic of all of them: they are hard to maintain.

For how many months (or years) are you able to stick to a limiting dieting, endless hours of daily cardio and little rest? I hope that your answer was “not many.” But worse than not keeping up with such regimens for long is the risk of binging.

Overeating does not only affect your looks, but mainly your metabolism and your health.

A much better approach is taking little steps that will lead you to brand new and long-lasting habits.

“Develop a lifestyle you can sustain by building habits.” - Debbie Rodrigues

The not-so-secret

What makes a habit? Repetition.

By doing the same thing over and over again, it becomes routine. You do not have to think about it any longer. Do it only every now and then and you will feel the burden.

Since we are talking about a change in lifestyle, there are probably going to be more changes than you can think of at the start.

Rushing in should not be considered mainly if you have a long way ahead of you. It is much more productive to tackle it in phases.

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Building a habit

Whether you want to focus on your shape or nutrition, you need to develop a set of new habits that will lead you to success. Go for:

3 Not-So Secrets to Build Habits.

Smaller habits

Unless you are doing it because of health reasons, there is no need for you to change your eating habits at once.

Smaller changes last longer. Take one step a time. Instead of setting a deadline, only move ahead when you feel comfortable with the changes implemented.

If you have never gone to the gym, saying that you are going to the gym every day may not be the best approach. Try making an agreement with yourself of doing some kind of physical activity 3 times a week for 30 minutes. It can be a walk, run, spinning class, a soccer match with some friends, anything. As long as you stick to it, there is progress.

Does it mean that you will never slip up? No, it doesn’t.

We are humans and in between our full agendas, life happens.

Accept that things did not go as planned and move ahead.

What matters is what is in your mind.

If you could not make it to the gym because your kids needed extra attention, there no reason think too much about it. Next time better.

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Easier changes

Let’s say you want to stop drinking soda. The problem is that you are accustomed to drinking 8 glasses of it per day, for example.

It is going to be great for your health if you cut it all cold, but maybe it is easier said than done. What then? Try going for one glass less per week. If you are able to maintain the drop, you will get to your goal soon.

The same rule applies for exercising. Instead of wanting to go from couch to a marathon, plan regular walks. If you can make it on a regular basis, you will be able to train for a 5K, a 10k and a half-marathon on the way to your objective.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Improving your lifestyle is a stressful situation itself. There’s no need to add even more to it.

Instead of going for the hardest habits, pick easier changes first.

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Whatever your schedule is, stick to it.

The fact that you can fulfill even the smallest commitments is already rewarding.

Even if things do not move as fast as you hoped for, be careful not to act upon impulses.

You might have a great night sleep and consider overdoing it the day after. But what if you went to bed late the night before because of some appointments? Are you going to miss your training? Well, if you follow your impulses again, you will.

When your energy levels are low, you do not have to fight against your body (and you should NEVER do it ever!).

If you had a running in mind, go for a walk. If you were going to cut the carbohydrates, do not go too low. You did not make it to CrossFit? I am sure you can do some burpees at home.

Unless you are truly out of options, always look for alternatives, be patient and consistent.

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If you want more tips on how to get and stay motivated, check this infographic:


What is your secret to build habits?

Become a better version of yourself!

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3 Not-So Secrets to Build Habits For a Fit Life.

IMPORTANT: Remember to consult your health-care provider before starting any physical activity!

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