It has been quite a productive weekend this one. I am really glad for that because there were some small things I wanted to do here and there and I am managing to get them done.
One of the things I did today was working out. Throughout this contest preparation of mine, I have been following a 4-day split and today, it was day 4: leg day!
Even though the basis has been the same, I try to do different exercises almost every week to sort of catch my muscles by surprise.
Today, it went like this (weights in kilos):
Leg press
55×25 (drop set to failure)

Standing Calf Raises
70×12 (PR!)
SS Leg Extesions and Weighted Genie Press (saw the second on Muscle & Fitness Hers and decided to give it a try)
Weighted Rope Curl
35×15 (to failure)
Dumbbell Side Bend
I took 2 scoops of SuperPump Max as pre-workout and half scoop of SizeOn as intra (both from Gaspari Nutrition). My post-workout was Muscle Milk.
This week, I will leaving to the office earlier than my usual hour because I want to avoid staying much longer. Gym hours are so limited on this side of the ocean, that I have to be on time otherwise, it is a no-show. At this point of my preparation, I cannot allow myself to miss a single training. So…
Wishing everyone a strong week!
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Debbie Rodrigues
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