Many times, the battle is already lost before we start fighting. If you are feeling stuck in fitness or other aspect of your life, pay attention to your thoughts. Many times it is all in your mind. Change your mindset and take action.

Those follow me on Facebook (if you don’t, go there and make things right before reading on 😉 ), you have already noticed that I love to share the posts from Ashley Kaltwasser‘s races. Ashley is one of the top IFBB Bikini Pro athletes. In addition to her strict training routine, she still finds time (and energy) to participate in races, including during contest preparation.

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Sincerely, I never thought it was possible. Even though I was just a beginner amateur athlete and I did run to burn fat and dim my huge legs, racing was not an option in my regimen. Things have changed since then and despite the fact that I do not have a set date to go back on stage, a lot is changing in my mind about training.

"I can because I think I can."

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No matter how much things evolve, some (mis)conceptions stay in our heads and it is not easy to break certain paradigms. One of them is the well-known Can’t. You want to burn fat and build muscle together? You Can’t! You want to stay fit after a certain age? You Can’t!! You think you can have a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy a night out? You Can’t!!! I remember that when I told some friends that I wanted to compete in Bikini, some dropped that You-Can’t look on me (and others even said it out loud).

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It is true that to be able to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, you will have to invest a lot of time and have tons of patience while understanding the mechanics of your body. There are not 2 people with the exact same metabolism. What works perfectly for one, may be useless for another. So in order to achieve this “impossible” combination, you will have to try different food combinations, put together varied meal plans and play around with your rest days until you figure out what works best for you. The fact that is not easy makes it impossible? No way! All it takes is getting started and some dose of patience.

I am not in my 20s anymore. My body works differently, but it is not the same as saying that it does not work anymore. Similar to the fact that I have to make adaptations to my training on a regular basis to keep the muscles guessing, I also keep my metabolism busy to avoid it getting lazy. It is a minimum effort that is producing fantastic results. Getting a six-pack is not as easy as it used to be, but the change in my intake pattern has brought an increase in my life quality that I never thought possible before. It would have been better if I had not stopped working out when I was 26. Still it is not an excuse for not trying to get back (and staying) on track after 30s.

Pre workout post running food porn Debbie in Shape

Pre workout, post running & food porn.

It is true that I mostly eat the food I bring out with me. One of the reasons is that comfort food does not satisfy me anymore. Fast food and exaggerated amounts of sweets cause me headaches and most of the time, the hunger remains, or gets back after half an hour or so. It is fact that because I am not competing any time soon, I do not have to get extremely lean. On the other hand, if I want to keep on improving my running stats and lifting heavier every day, I need to feed my body with enough resources. So recently, I have been going out more, enjoying some food porn and yet, my progress is right on spot. Know yourself and find balance!

What is it the missing point for achieving the things that you want for your physique (and yourself)? This answer only you can give. And even though you might not be aware of it, it is already in your mind.

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Accept your uniqueness instead of fighting against it. Yes, it is true that X lost Y pounds with a miraculous diet and that Z doubled their muscle mass following the plan W. However, you are neither X or Z. You are YOU! Stop hoping to find a standard magic pill that you will be able to take and transform yourself with the blink of an eye. There are some miraculous solutions out there, and they work for some, still it does not mean that they are good for you too. It does not make others’ way bad, but maybe their way is not yours.

Sit down for a moment and (re)evaluate your objectives. What is it that you REALLY want? It cannot be your spouse’s or friend’s dream. It must be YOURS. How do you think you can achieve it? Why is it THE way for you? Did you read on a magazine? Did someone you know got great results from it? Do you feel it is for you? If you have been following a successful plan for sometime without getting results, are you sure you are doing it the right way? Sometimes, 98% is just not enough. Are you willing to it give it all until the ‘end’? If not, why is that? What is stopping you?

Evening Run 11k Debbie in Shape

Evening 11k run.

Make sure you are not boycotting your own progress by being stubborn. Allow yourself to grow, change and get adapted to other possibilities. Become your best friend instead of an enemy. Free your mind from Can’ts and shine.

Do you have written on stone rules in your head? Have you ever questioned them? Have you ever been confronted with a situation that made you change your mind completely? 

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