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Everything You Need to Know About Guest Blogging: Writing A Post

Everything You Need to Know About Guest Blogging: Writing A Post

Writing a guest blogging post is something that still scares off many writers. To show you that it’s not a boogieman here is a series of posts on everything you need to know about guest blogging but never dared to ask.

How is your guest blogging journey going? How do you feel about setting up guest post goals and looking for opportunities now? Have you already sent any emails with pitches?

On this post, we are (finally) going to talk about the guest blog itself. Many times when you are a beginner, you think that it’s all that guest blogging is about: writing a post. I have been there, and I think at least the majority of us have thought so too. Only with time, and experience, we realize there is more to it.

If you are at the point of writing the blog post itself, it means that you had your pitch accepted. Or maybe, you just want to get your muscles warmed up. Either way, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

"The scariest moment is always just before you start." - Stephen King

Please note I’m not going to teach you how to write a blog here.

First of all, if you want to guest post, it means you already know how to write blogs quite well. Even if you aren’t a blogger per se, you know how to write an essay or an article, and that’s why guest blogging interests you.

Also, this is not my first time writing about the subject either. You will find enough material here with general tips on how to write a blog.

For your guest post, however, let’s focus on:

  1. Rechecking the guidelines
  2. Understanding backlinks
  3. Linking wisely
  4. Writing a masterpiece

1. Rechecking the guidelines

Before you sent your pitch, you had already checked if the site had guest blogging guidelines or not.

Even if you read them almost enough to know them by heart, I’ll ask you to have a look at them once again before starting your post.

It doesn’t happen frequently, but it’s possible that the guidelines have been updated in the meantime.

Let’s say that instead of looking for “standard” blog posts (between 800 and 1,200 words), the publisher downsized it to 500 words. Or the other way around: they increased the number of words.

You just don’t want to fall off short of content because of something so simple.

Besides, you’ll be able to see if the tips described below apply for your opportunity.

I’ll follow my guest blogging guidelines as the basis for this article. The host of your guest blog may have entirely different requirements. So I’ll leave it up to you to use the information below accordingly.

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2. Understanding backlinks

Let’s start with the hottest part of guest blogging: the backlinks.

Why do I say it’s the hottest? Because people still get surprised when there are restrictions about backlinks on the post.

Not all bloggers are “sensitive” about it. As I mentioned before, it can be related to not knowing better or being nonchalant about it. Still, many sites have restrictions about it and you want to play by their rules.

One way to understand the idea is imagining you see someone wearing outfits you like. In fact, every single time you meet that friend, he or she is wearing something that would fit perfectly in your wardrobe. Now, let’s be sincere: do you want their clothes (I mean, the exact pieces they’re wearing)? Or do you wish to buy at the same shop they do?

When you come across a really awesome guest post, you want to read more of that writer. So much more you go to their website or blog for it. That should be the goal of guest bloggers. That’s the lead you want to generate. Look that I’m not even touching the SEO aspect.

You want your guest post having readers crave for more. For that, you don’t need to spam backlinks on your article. That one on your bio will be more enough.

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3. Linking wisely

Instead of backlinks to your site, you want to include:

  • links to influencers in your niche
  • links to other posts from the publisher


Needless to say that you need to do some research for your guest post. Longer posts will require more preparation work than short ones. Yet, you don’t want to underestimate any opportunity.

Think of your very first job experience: did you mess up just because it was your first job? Or did you try your best? If you tried your best, that’s the spirit.

Chances are the results of your research will be full of references from influencers and bigger bloggers. You probably add links to other people’s posts already on your own content because that’s how awesome you are. But when you are guest blogging, you want to take it the next level.

Show readers you know what you’re talking about and share your resources with them. That’s an excellent way to build reputation and respect.

Besides, you never know if one of those influencers will track the mention back and give you some heads up. This can open some doors for bigger guest posts opportunities in the future.

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Your post will be in line with the publisher’s content somehow. To help their audience connect the dots, you can include links from their articles within your post. It’s a nice way to:

  • thank the host for the opportunity
  • strengthen your relationship
  • connect your guest post with their content

You can find related content by doing a search on their blog (most sites have this feature). Or you can use Google search.

Instead of just searching like you did for your preparation work, you can use the host’s domain as your start point.

Use Google Search to find a specific topic under a domain.

It’s also an interesting way to find back an article you have seen on a particular website, but can’t locate anymore.

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4. Writing a masterpiece

For now, your guest post may be a near masterpiece. It happens because we’re all constantly evolving. We always find ways we could have done better. Still, you want to give it your best shot.

You want to write a smashing blog post with the quality you already deliver to your readers, but more. So you’ll be doing everything you already do and walk that extra mile.

Write an outline so that your content includes all necessary elements for success.

Going too fancy is rarely the best option here. You want to create scannable and readable content:

  • shorter paragraphs
  • include subheads
  • use bullet points
  • highlight words in bold

Again, your goal is to make people want to read every single word you post. But you want to make it easy for them.

We all rush against time. That’s why it has become a habit to go through an article to check if it’s worth our time before digging deeper. Endless paragraphs make our life harder, and you don’t want that for your (guest) posts.

Let your best content ever shine and reach many readers!

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Now it’s up to you

We have already reached a point in this series where even if you have never thought about guest blogging before, you have enough information to get started.

I mentioned it before, but I’d like to remind you that it won’t get easier if you start today or next year. You’ll not get all pitches approved, neither this should stop you.

Don’t include guest blogging in your new year’s resolutions. You have more than enough time to start contacting people now.

Let’s begin by stretching those fingers and getting things done.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and ideas for moving forward. Please, keep them coming! I want to be of help and knowing what your struggles are, allows me to share even more useful information with you.

Get immediate access to your guest blogging checklist.

I truly hope you’ll find this series helpful. Guest blogging is an amazing opportunity to get visibility and build credibility, but it has to be done right.

Remember that we are now offering guest blogging opportunities on Debbie in Shape. If you want to get started or practice your skills with us, it’ll be a pleasure to publish your post(s). Guidelines and details are available here. I cannot wait to read your pitch!

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Have you already written a guest blogging post?

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Everything You Need to Know About Guest Blogging: Writing A Post.

Be Healthy and Live Fully.

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