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My Biased Impressions of the CrossFit Games 2015

My Biased Impressions of the CrossFit Games 2015

CrossFit is more than fitness to me. It is about facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. It is a lot like life. Here are my thoughts after the 2015 CrossFit Games.

What a week it was! Even though I have been following the CrossFit Games regularly since 2012, this year I had the chance to watch pretty much everything live. The only thing that kept banging in my head was: I want more!

If that is not a display of dedication and passion, I do not know how else to call it…

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For instance, I adore MMA.

Even though my life as a BJJ practitioner was short, I love the sport and I hold it dear to my heart. But then you see athletes who do not make weight for their fights or who show up unprepared. How is it possible that experienced fighters have no gas tank to fight for 3 5-minute rounds?

Am I saying that it is easy? Not at all.

I only fought once (and lost miserably) and I was really sick afterwards. In their case, though, it is their job.

What happens if you go to a meeting at work unprepared? What if it happens repeated times?

So why can’t fighters do the same?!? And note that when they perform accordingly, they make much more money. Employees cannot say the same, can they?

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But back to CrossFit…

It is amazing how each and every athlete perform at their best.

It is true that this year, probably because of the new regions, there were more professionals than before.

I did miss seeing athletes like Valerie Voboril, for example. She is a school teacher who trains mostly at home so that she can still be with her family. In all her appearances at the game, she delivered!

In 2015, in special, athletes were tested in wild ways.

Those without a well-rounded game paid for it.

I know it is impossible to be perfect on everything. But CrossFit is this madness where there’s room for ANYthing.

How can someone be crowned the Fittest on Earth with holes in their skills?

World-Class Fitness in 100 Words by Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder and CEO.

Consistency won

The word for The 2015 CrossFit Games was consistency.

Winning is always the best option, but with such difficult challenges, being able to keep one’s head up was more important than burning oneself out.

Playing smart was the only option, mainly when facing never-seen-before events.

It is true there is no way you can prepare yourself beforehand for something like Murph under the scorching hot summer sun from California.

At the end of the day, athletes are still humans.

The way Kara Webb crossed the finish line or how Annie Thorisdottir didn’t even make it, breaks our heart but should not surprise anyone either.

Who doesn’t remember Rich Froning‘s walk during the Triple 3 in 2014?

Everyone hopes for a comeback by the end of the week.

It is just that it is not always possible.

The true form

CrossFit unfortunately gets frequently a bad name.

It’s true that I have only been to one box until now.

Where I train, proper form is aimed all the time.

You do not see much of that at gyms.

How many videos from respected amateur bodybuilding athletes I have watched that I felt like jumping into Instagram to correct them…

And then people approach you saying that strength training is dangerous.

No, it isn’t a fault of bodybuilding or CrossFit, it is a matter of making bad use of your body.

Maybe at some boxes it is not all pink clouds. Still, I find it hard to believe things can go totally wrong when people follow the standards.

And the winners were…

So The 2015 CrossFit Games has ended.

Congratulations to:

  • Angelo Dicicco
  • Sydney Sullivan (who won 6 out of 7 events!!!)
  • Nicholas Paladino
  • Isabella Vallejo
  • Shawn Ramirez
  • Janet Black
  • Matthew Swift
  • Kylie Massi
  • Joe Ames
  • Cindy Kelley
  • Will Powell
  • Susan Clarke
  • Steve Pollini
  • Rosalie Glenn
  • Team Mayhem Freedom (Rich Froning again on the podium)
  • Daniela Watanabe (the very first Brazilian athlete to qualify for the games)
  • And ALL 60+ athletes (you are my greatest inspiration)

Now let the countdown for 2016 begin!

Have you watched the CrossFit Games 2015?

World-Class Fitness in 100 Words by Coach Greg Glassman, #CrossFit Founder and CEO. Share on X

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My Biased Impressions of the CrossFit Games 2015.

NOTE: Before starting any physical activity, please consult your health care provider!

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