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Just Turn Off Your Notifications Right Now, Will You?

Just Turn Off Your Notifications Right Now, Will You?

Understand why you need to turn off notifications to be more productive. Learn how to use your time better with this simple step.

How many times have you already been told to turn off notifications on your phone, tablet, or computer?

It’s pretty much everywhere, isn’t it?

The funny part is that those innocent beeps and vibrations were life-changers in the beginning.

How many meetings, events, or even celebrations you didn’t forget thanks to a reminder?

Notifications are the reason why I started using electronic calendars to be sincere with you.

But you probably also know the saying:

Too much of a good thing…

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When push notifications became too much

I have to admit that the speed with which I get reactions to comments and likes on different platforms scares me sometimes.

Of course that I might have just hit the send button at the exact moment when someone had the application on.

If it happens to me, it happens to others as well, doesn’t it?

However, if it happens every single time, it raises the productivity red flag.

Please note that I’m not talking about a parent or a kid sending you a message.

I set different alerts for those close to me.

But what if the rule of thumb is to react asap to ANY and ALL notifications you get?

What price are you paying when you place push messages on the top of your priorities?

That’s when they become too much.

Notifications can be good, but you have to learn how to use them. #coaching #MindfulPlanning Share on X

How I use notifications 

As I mentioned above, notifications play a role in my productivity efforts.

I set them to prompt:

  • messages from clients
  • Evernote* reminders
  • special events

And I deal with them the following way.

Messages from clients

My goal is to answer to my clients’ inquiries as fast as possible even though I always agree on a 2-business-day delay.

But to make sure I add time in my schedule to contact them, I like to be on top of their emails and messages.

Once I get the notification (with sound), I add it as a new task on ToDoist.

Depending on my availability, I read or not the message right away.

The most important to me, though, is that I book time to provide them the necessary feedback without messing up with my own planning.

Evernote reminders

Since all my projects are on Evernote*, I set reminders for notes I need to work on by a certain day.

If you’ve been following my Facebook Live streams, you already know I start planning the next year in September of the year before.

I decide a lot in advance. It includes projects and tasks I’ll be working on.

Evernote* reminders spare me the burden of reminding myself of something in the future. I set the alarm and don’t need to think about it all the time.

Because I use the tool for my planning anyways, it all stays in one place: from drafting to execution.

Special events

The only times I turn on Facebook and Instagram notifications, for example, are for special events I want to be on top of.

While I use it to communicate with clients and business partners on a daily basis; and it’s also one of the channels I use to stay in touch with family and friends; Facebook isn’t a priority in my life, period.

If it’s easier for me to set an alarm for a live stream, like Let’s clarify! for example, fine.

But as soon as it’s done, I turn it off right away.

I schedule social media breaks throughout the day that cover my needs to stay updated.

It wouldn’t be smart or efficient for me to walk around with the phone in my hands all day long.

Learn how I use notifications to be more productive. If you find it hard to manage them at first, just turn them all off. But keep in mind that it’s possible to use them in your favor after kicking off the bad habit of using them all the time. If you want to learn how and become part of a community of like-minded planners, join the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You today. Read more about it on the blog.

Setting limits to notifications

As you can see, notifications aren’t the worst source of inefficiency in the world.

Multitasking is a far worse disease.

Still, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful with it.

Even though I focused on mobile notifications, those you can set on your desktop aren’t any less harmful.

You need to ask yourself if you really need all those pop-ups and sounds in your day.

It’s true that they don’t last more than a couple of seconds.

Yet, these seconds multiply if you take into consideration the amount of time you need to:

  • understand what was going on
  • recover your composure
  • shift your attention back to your task
  • remember where you left it
  • start it again

Now imagine it happening time and time again during the day!

The key is controlling notifications instead of letting them control you.

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How to turn off notifications

Depending on the number of notifications you have set across platforms and appliances, it might be hard to get rid of them cold turkey.

If you think you need a detox, don’t hesitate to schedule hours (or days) when you switch off everything.

Including your phone!

However, there are other less drastic ways you can achieve the same results without going back to the Middle Ages.

During this week’s challenge, I’ll be sharing practical tips on how you can minimize the influence of notifications one day at a time to:

  • boost your productivity
  • overcome procrastination
  • improve your focus

Read below how you can join us and learn how to improve your efficiency and get rid of overwhelm to achieve fulfilling goals.

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52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You

I’m hosting a 52-week productivity challenge on my closed Facebook Group.

You can read everything about the challenge here.

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How the 52-week productivity challenge works

First of all, grab a copy of the list [ninja-popup ID=11356]52 Things That Are Killing Your Productivity[/ninja-popup].

After signing up, you’ll be invited to join my closed Facebook group.

On the group, I’ll share daily prompts during the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You.

I’ll guide you through a brand-new topic each week. 

From Monday through Friday, you’ll learn how you can use Mindful Planning™ to:

  • Become more efficient
  • Save time
  • Manage stress
  • Achieve your goals

You can start the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You at any moment of the year.

And you choose whether to follow every single week or to focus on your personal pain points.

If you miss anything, you can always refer to older posts for catch-up or review.

All that FOR FREE!

See you at the challenge

The method I apply to the challenge is exactly the same one I use with my clients: Mindful Planning™.

It’s a 5-step method you can use to all aspects of your life become more productive one day at a time without added stress.

Come and join the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You today.

I’m looking forward guiding you towards a successful year and beyond! 

Understand why you need to turn off notifications to be more productive. Learn how to use your time better with this simple step. Also find out how I use notifications in my favor without allowing them to take control of my day. For support and accountability, 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You today. Become part of a community of like-minded achievers to overcome procrastination and develop a fulfilling lifestyle one day at a time.

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Debbie Rodrigues is a powerhouse Executive Assistant by day and a Planning aficionado by night. During her free time, when she is not cycling, you'll probably find her journaling.

Hello, my name is Debbie Rodrigues.

By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

On my website, you'll find tips to elevate your skill set, build confidence, improve productivity, and achieve success in the things that truly matter to you.