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Work With Debbie Rodrigues

Work with Debbie Rodrigues

  • Are you a planner who’s sick and tired of perfectionism and procrastination getting the best of you?
  • Do you want to create space in your chaotic schedule for the things you love and to make your Dreams come true?
  • Do you need a structured system that will help you become more organized and efficient?
  • Are you looking for support and accountability to overcome blocks and improve your productivity?
  • Did you have enough and need customized assistance focused on your personal struggles?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, keep on reading.

You want to:

  • Become a better version of yourself.
  • Manage your time better.
  • Invest further in your career/business.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Cook healthier meals.
  • Start a new hobby.
  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • Be more successful.
  • Develop a fulfilling lifestyle.

If that resonates with you, you have two choices:

  1. Keep on doing what you’re doing and hope for the best.
  2. Get clarity about your priorities and make time to work on them.

Mindful Planning is for you if you chose number two.

One of the great misunderstandings in planning is thinking that all it takes is having a calendar or a bullet journal to make things happen.


  • Buy planners from different brands, shapes, and forms.
  • Invest hours setting them up.
  • Spend lots of money on stationery.

But days stay the same. Or worse…

Not only you still feel overwhelmed without accomplishing anything, you also feel guilty for the wasted time and money, and clutter.

And your productivity still sucks.

I want you to get out of this endless cycle of trial and error and develop a lifetime system to achieve your goals.

I’m here to help you:

  • Organize your time better.
  • Create room to invest in your goals and dreams.
  • Have less stress.
  • Thrive.
  • Shine.

That’s why I created packages that will take you from procrastination and overwhelm to confidence, productivity, and success.

Are you ready for a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle?

Let’s do this!

A DIY course containing the basic steps of Mindful Planning.
It’s ideal for starters and can be applied to different areas of your life.

A monthly subscription membership service consisting of live streams, replays, message boards, and all the material you need to solve your blocks.

A 3-month mentorship package designed for those who are serious about changing their life. I’m with you all the way through coaching calls, emails, and assignments.

Hello, my name is Debbie Rodrigues.

By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

On my website, you'll find tips to elevate your skill set, build confidence, improve productivity, and achieve success in the things that truly matter to you.