How long has it been since my last “Shout Out Saturday” blog?!?

It has been way too long ago anyways…

Thanks to ambassadorships such as #SweatPink, #MoveItMonday and #GirlsGoneSporty, I have the chance to get to know a lot of people on social media who are also passionate about health and fitness. It is a pleasure to me to share with my readers some of the amazing people I have been able to interact the past months.*

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Shoutout Saturday: Spreading Link Love

Without further ado, here we go:

Facebook Pages





Got some shout outs yourself? Please share their links so that I can also stop by and say hi.

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Do you participate in S4S (Share For Shares) and F4F (Follow for Follows)? What is your favorite way to get in touch with others through social media?


Have an awesome Saturday!


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* Please note that there are way many more people I would like to give a BIG heads up. Just for the sake of controlling the size of this entry, I will be posting the others in another entry.