Time flies, doesn’t it?!?

It is already September, but it feels like yesterday that the year was starting. Even though half of 2014 has passed a while ago, the new site got me inspired to start a new series. The month is September, the ninth of twelve. So let me share with you all my September 9 Traits.

September 9 traits Debbie in Shape

September 9 Traits

And this is how my September will look like:

  1. Lots of running : 10k in less than an hour, remember?
  2. Lifting heavier and heavier : PRs, here I come!
  3. Eating enough to build muscle : a little bit more carbs than normal, but keeping it lean
  4. Going for a walk in nature : after last week, I am addicted
  5. Starting the Physical Trainer course : exciting!!!!!
  6. Attending a Reiki level 1 course : because I believe we are more than what meets the eyes
  7. At least one bike ride : I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike
  8. Working on self-love : it is not because the #100happydays challenge is over that I’m done
  9. 3D social : getting to know some active ladies in town

And what about you? What are your plans for the next weeks? Any special traits on the making?

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