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How To Organize Your Living And Enjoy a Clutter-Free Life

How To Organize Your Living And Enjoy a Clutter-Free Life

If you struggle with decluttering like I used to, learn how you can also organize your living and enjoy life with life with less stress.

My journey to an organized life, free from clutter, started some years ago. There were times when things didn’t move fast enough, but progress was steady.

A place for everything, everything in its place. - Benjamin Franklin #quoteoftheday Click To Tweet

My start

Despite the ups and downs, I was on cloud nine when I managed to declutter and organize the living room for good. What a relief it was!

I am not exactly proud of writing this but since it is for accountability, I have nothing to hide.

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Before I had a lot of stuff lying around. When a new letter arrived, for example, I opened it, read it and left it on the table. More than once, I only threw the empty envelope away days later. If it was something to pay, I would pay the bill and leave it there.

There were times when the table was so full that one had no place to eat. And it was all my fault since my boyfriend is an incredibly organized person.

How To Organize Your Living And Enjoy a Clutter-Free Life.

Maintenance phase and going forward

But now it is all in the past.

As you can see, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. I am still indecisive about how to label the letter trays, but it will come soon.

For the small TV table, I may get a basket to make cleaning easier, but it is not something I have totally decided yet. My major concern is to avoid creating clutter again. Maintenance is a reality and there is no reason to mess it up again.

Chaos doesn't happen in one day. Neither does organization. #getorganized #coaching Click To Tweet

The same way as the living room wasn’t turned into chaos in one day, it was also a slow process to get things on track. But by the time I decided to write this email, it had been like this clean and organized for long enough for me to celebrate and move forward to the next challenge.

"A place for everything, everything in its place. " - Benjamin Franklin

One of the decisions I made was to place more of my things into a storage. I am still getting rid of a lot of stuff, but there are also the ones I want to keep for later, for example, winter clothes.

Guess what? I cannot afford a brand new wardrobe each season and it probably doesn’t surprise you.

However, since we live in a (small) apartment, we don’t have room for a dresser. I have been squeezing my work, home, and gym outfits in the place that I had, but it was not optimal. Not only there is not enough room, but it was simply impossible to keep the closet organized.

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I have this big dream of organizing all my outfits per color. The ones on hangers are already sorted this way, but not the entire closet yet. Anyways, I was really looking forward having a sustainable structure.

The issue so far has been a more a matter of maintaining than organizing.

For now, I am making room for a better organization.


Stream I did right after getting home from my first trip to #Ikea by myself. I don’t only look tired, I was beat.More about the things I bought tomorrow on my blog.#stream #Periscope #live #shopping #black #cat #organize

Posted by Debbie Rodrigues on Monday, July 13, 2015

I love IKEA. I know you cannot get exclusives there, but they have what I like for a price I can afford.

Even though I do a lot of planning before leaving home, I always get a couple extra things at the end. No, no clutter. I absolutely use everything I get from there.

One example is Raskog. I have been in love with it for so long and now I finally have one my own.

It has become my mobile office. I did organize our home office so that I have a fixed place to work, but having the option to work elsewhere when creativity is low is awesome.

It doesn’t always have to be at a coffee shop, does it?

Among the items I wanted to buy as well were 2 SAMLAs. I got the boxes, lids and a pack of clips. In one of them, I placed my winter outfits and in the other wool and fabric from my DIY and crafts times.

When I attended sewing lessons, I built up a stock of everything sewing and knitting. Throwing it all away is not an option, but leaving everything together with stuff I need on a daily basis is not practical either.

Decluttering and organizing has been a great experience for me.

It is not only about getting things into place. To be sincere, it’s about overcoming a major personal block. It is not just the looks, it is mainly about setting a goal and working towards its success.

If you also struggle with organization and decluttering (or maybe cleaning), check these great tips from MAA Center. Whether or not you get started in spring, keep it simple and safe.

Show us your Spring Clean!

Have you used any of these tips to organize your living room?

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How To Organize Your Living And Enjoy a Clutter-Free Life.

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