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How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way With Running

How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way With Running

Weight and health walk close to each, but there is more to wellness than the scale can tell. Let’s see how you can use running to your favor.

How is your weight loss journey going? What methods have you been using so far? Can you share your results? By the end of this week, I will be writing more about how things are going with me these days.

In the previous installment of this series, I shared with you how effective strength training is for weight loss. If you hadn’t had the chance to read it, please make sure you don’t miss it.

For this week, I want to touch a very popular method: running. Fall is the perfect season to run. It’s not hot as in the summer neither cold yet as in the winter. Nature and its colors also invite us to enjoy jogging outdoors before all leaves are gone for the year. Since fall is my favorite, I can’t miss the opportunity either.

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Running Debbie

It’s true that my longest race so far was a 10k and it happened only once, almost 6 years ago. I love running, but when I discovered (fitness) competition, I simply didn’t have time for it anymore. Combining a full-time job, with weight training, planned cardio and life kept me more than busy. But the passion never disappeared.

In fact, as I was about to write this post, I learned from a CrossFit mate that there will a 5k race here in town in a couple of weeks. Since they have 2 categories of 5k, I may join it. Because I still have to test/train my legs, I’ll probably be opting for the from-couch-to-5k group. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as it would be great if I can participate in it.

Even though I had made some attempts in July, the results weren’t what I had hoped. Yesterday I tested my legs just in case. Man, it was hard! I felt sick around the first kilometer, but I managed to survive until the “end”. 

It wasn’t a major run, but I did 3.6k non-stop. I probably looked weird since I had my super-duper pink Beats headset and I was singing along with A-ha. It was all to keep my mind busy and it worked. Tomorrow, I will be doing lots of yoga for recovery.

Post-run selfie. Red as a tomato, but happy.

Post-run selfie. Red as a tomato, but happy.

What is the big deal about running?

If you ask different runners why they run, you’ll get the most wide variety of answers. They might even tell you that the reason why they started is not the same they keep on going.

In my case, I just love it. There is nothing else to add to it. I never liked PE at school, except for when it was running.

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Running is accessible can do pretty much anywhere:

  • indoors
  • outdoors
  • on a treadmill
  • on the streets
  • on track
  • on mud

There is no ideal condition to run. All terrains and seasons are welcome.

In the beginning, it’s great because you don’t need to invest a fortune in equipment either.

The community is also amazing. Who has never bumped into a supportive stranger? I adore this part! Once I had a lady biking close to me. I didn’t realize what she was doing, but she was checking my speed and she let me know it. It was so cool. 

In another occasion, I passed by the same guy twice and we sort of had this runner’s chit-chat.

You might find it crazy, but I just enjoy interacting with people. If they are runners, it’s even cooler.

Guest Post: 10 Fabulous Running Tips for Beginners

Guest Post: 10 Fabulous Running Tips for Beginners

Running for beginners

If you are new to running and would like to use it to support your weight loss efforts, I recommend you my guest post on Janelle’s Run With No Regrets. On this blog, I share 10 Fabulous Running Tips for Beginners.

Running can be convenient and fun. Even if you are not the fastest among your friends, you can get a lot from it. It’s not only about speed, but overcoming barriers, like all other sports.

Take your time to progress injury free. Combine different physical activities so that you can get the best results.

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Running for maintenance

Once the running bug bites you, I’m sure you will incorporate it in your routine to get and stay fit for life.

After the first moment of excitement passes, it’s time to take things to the next level. To have an idea of the points you should have in mind, make sure you read my 4 Great Tips To Get Fit For Life With Running.

When you decide to join a group or work with a Personal Trainer to improve your skills, you get all the necessary guidance to perform at your best. But if you are like me, a lone runner, you can use these tips to keep on improving safely on your own.

Combining strength training and running

It’s perfectly possible to combine a strength training routine with running. Not only runners can take advantage of strength training as I mentioned before. Strength training athletes can see their conditioning improving significantly with running.

If you have specific objectives though, I recommend you hire a professional. They will provide the personal support your goals require.

Guest Post: Running Life Balance

Guest Post: Running Life Balance

Getting started

In general, finding time is the biggest issue. Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom or a career woman, finding balance between training and life is not simple at all.

Awhile ago, before moving to self-hosted, I wrote a guest post for Running On Happy about life balance. Please have a look at it. I’m sure that my experience can help you find a solution to yourself.

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What now?

  • Whether you choose to make running  your main thing or prefer a flexible approach, you still need a plan. Planning helps me measure my progress and keep training safely.
  • To track your runs, use one of many apps avaible. Nike+ is my best friend, but I’ll be using RunKeeper more from now on since I can sync it with my Withings scale. There’s also Strava, Endomondo among others.
  • If you are new to training, please make sure you consult you health care provider before starting any physical activity.
  • To boost your energy, add some music to your running. I can’t stand wind in my ears, so wearing a headset is twice beneficial to me. My soundtrack yesterday was A-ha’s Scoundrel Days. It’s my favorite album from them. I don’t have a fixed playlist. It all has to do with my mood.
  • Don’t wait for perfect weather conditions. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. And if you don’t feel like going outside, you can sure find treadmills anywhere.

Do you do run on a regular basis to support health?

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How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way With Running.

How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way With Running

Get it done!


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By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

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