3 Easy Frugal Organization Ideas For All Budgets

3 Easy Frugal Organization Ideas For All Budgets

Organization ideas do not have to be expensive to serve to their purpose. Check these easy frugal suggestions for all budgets.

In my monthly check-ins, I have been updating you on my progress as I declutter the place. I still have to finish my kitchen inventory, but in the meantime, I have made progress in other rooms as well.

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One of the things I have been loyal to is not buying anything extra as an excuse for ordering things better. When one is organizing, it is tempting to buy an extra box for this or another jar for that. But what are we creating with that? Clutter!

My main goal for now is finding a place for the things that I decide to keep within the drawers, cupboards and cabinets we have. Of course that an IKEA’s Råskog would not hurt. But until I can drive my car to their closest warehouse, it is not happening.

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Some of the solutions I am implementing are:

      • Labeling
      • Recycling
      • Using trays and baskets

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I am not the tallest person you have ever met. From my 5’1″, I can hardly see what is on the top shelves. Having my inventory attached to the door of the cabinet is very convenient. And after some trial and error, I found a way to make clearer notes. Still, when you have many pots on the same shelf, labels make things even easier.

Besides the organization itself, labels force you to be consistent. Instead of placing rice “somewhere”, I feel much more compelled to put it in the container that has its name on it.

Use labels to organize your stock.

I use the Dymo LetraTag to make my labels. They do not look as sexy as many of the printables you find online, but they are very handy. First because they are in fact stickers. I print and attach them to the containers I want to name and that is it! No added task in cutting and fixing the labels somehow.

You can also write on the labels themselves. It is simpler and probably cheaper. But with my handwriting however, it is a no-no.

Dymo LetraTag

Whatever method you choose for yourself, make it sustainable. To me, keeping everything in the right place after an organization effort proved to be harder than the organization itself. That is why not only I look for good solutions, but also solutions I will be able to maintain.

If you have kids, getting them involved may save you time and also get them in the rhythm. Try to make the process somehow fun so that you can count with their support.

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Spending money is something that I want to avoid at all costs at this point. I do not have complete visibility of what I want to keep and what not. Yes, I am throwing a lot of things away. But I also have the feeling that I can get rid of even more. It is just that now it is time for action, not to overthink things. I plan to keep an eye on my “dark spots” anyways.

So, to get things the way I want them to be, with the containers I already have, the solution is to recycle. For that Pinterest is being really useful.

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It is true that it will take me sometime to collect enough toilet paper rolls for all the cables that we have. Yet it is a handy cost-free solution and I am not in a rush. 😉

Recycling is also being helpful when I cannot find the solutions I want. I have found great over door organizers and spices trays on the Internet, but I cannot get them in Europe. If I import them from the US, I will have to spend more with customs costs than with the product itself. I prefer to think out of the box then.

Again for those with kids, try to get them to color the rolls or the egg cartons, for example. Or maybe they will even find solutions on their own. It is surely worth trying!

"With organization comes empowerment." - Lynda Peterson

“With organization comes empowerment.” – Lynda Peterson (image source: WeHeartIt)

Using trays or baskets

Along with becoming a more organized person, my cleaning skills are also reaching another level. OK, if you are a “perfect housewife” you are probably laughing out loud by reading it. I do not blame you for that. But I come from far, very far.

I am going to confess something to you. When my boyfriend and I were going to wash the windows together for the first time, I looked at him in total despair and asked: “What do I have to do?” Even though he knew I was not an expert, it took him some seconds to realize how bad things really were.

Anyways, almost 14 years I got much better… And lately, I am moving towards proficiency level. Who would think that?!? Even my mom is saying that she wants my help the next time I visit her in Brazil. And you know what? The idea sounds exciting!

Baskets are handy ways to keep everything you need in one place. Check the blog for other organization ideas.

Make your life easier by using baskets to store products.

And what does it have to do with using trays and baskets? Well, instead of having to put away all your bottles of shampoo one by one when cleaning the bathroom, you can make it easier by using a basket. The same goes for kitchen utensils too. Even though it will change your decoration a bit, in the long run you will be saving a lot of time and energy.

It also makes sure that you have similar products together. You do not need to guess where things are or where you will place them after your next shopping.

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These are my tips for now. Have in mind that these posts are also for my own accountability. I am happy with the progress I already booked, but it is just the beginning.

Is organization also on your radar? What is your favorite frugal organization idea?

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Have an organized day!

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How To Get Organized By Decluttering And Save Money

How To Get Organized By Decluttering And Save Money

By getting organized you can easily declutter and save money for things that more important to you right now. Check these tips and do it without stress.

I have posted sometimes how great organizing is for the mind.

Keeping things tidy gives a great feeling of accomplishment, but I have also discovered another side of it.

By digging into certain places, I have been finding stuff I didn’t even remember I had. Things I bought but didn’t need and wasted money on. Now that I realize it, I want to share my experience with you.

Declutter to save money

Who doesn’t like shopping?

Some say that all women do, but there’s also male competition. Maybe the focus is different, but boys got their toys too.

You don’t have to be a compulsive consumer to buy at least one nice thing by each outing. It can be:

  • a souvenir
  • some nice piece of clothing
  • just a new item for the house
  • a great bargain

If it fits the budget and it is useful, why not?

There’s, however, one question that is not being answered: do you have it already?

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Be aware of the “dark spots”

The more space you have in your home, the more “dark spots” there will be. Those living small, like myself, don’t escape the same fate, though.

I call “dark spots” those rooms or shelves we don’t always look into.

They are the highest place of the kitchen cabinet, cupboard or the attic. They are those places you don’t have to look into on a daily basis to choose your clothes or pick up the dishes.

Any room or piece of furniture that is not checked out frequently becomes a “dark spot”.

"A place for everything, everything in its place." - Benjamin Franklin

What do we put in “dark spots”?

Imagine the following situations:

  • You always have your favorite skin care product, but on your last birthday, you got an extra tube.
  • You needed a special outfit for a gala dinner, but it was a one-off occasion.
  • You found a new tea taste you are dying to prove, but they aren’t offering samples at the shop.
  • You bumped into a promotion of wool and fabric and you’d love to use them in out next DIY project.

What happens to all these items once you get home?

Are you going to drop them in the middle of your living room? Or are you going to find a place for them? I truly hope you will put them away… Yet another problem is being created: clutter.

Do you check “dark spots” on a regular basis?

Let’s do a short quiz:

  1. When you run out of you skin care product, do you remember to go through your cabinet before buying a new tube?
  2. Have you ever worn the same gala outfit more than once in your life? If you wanted to put on now that one hanging in your closet, would it still fit? Is it even wearable?
  3. Did you try that tea you bought? Was it any good? Do you drink it regularly? Have you been keeping it for longer than you should?
  4. Do you already know what project you will use your utensils for? Have you got it planned? Is it going to be for the summer or winter?

Ideally, you should be asking yourself such questions when organizing your home.

When I went through this exercise myself, I realized I was wasting way too money because of all my clutter.

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First steps

For starters, you have to want to get organized above all.

Like any other resolution or goal, unless you really put your heart into it, you won’t achieve any success decluttering.

It is true that an organized house is awesome, that you’ll save money and all those amazing things we know by heart.

But what are YOUR reasons? Is it personal improvement? A challenge? Or just wanting to find everything in the right place?

Yes, everyone wants to be neat, but we also know that it takes a little bit more than wishing to get things done.

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Where I come from

I don’t know whether you are like me, but when it comes to organization, I am one persona at work and another at home.

I’m a freak about bacteria and germs anywhere. But while I nag at the gym about the guys who do not put their weights back, I am not a Home Tidy Princess either.

2015 is the year when I am turning the table, though. You can check my progress on my accountability blogs.

What I have learned so far

As I dug in drawers and cabinets, I started to find doubles of products and utensils.

Without noticing it, I was buying more of the same stuff I needed. And you know why was that?

All the clutter was preventing me from seeing the things I already had.

I used the example of the tea above because it applies me too.

Yes, I am a coffee person, but I love tea as well. Not so much English tea (if I want caffeine, I drink coffee), but herbal and medicinal ones.

I can buy all tea I see in front of my eyes. But again, I am a coffee person.

There is only this much tea I can drink, mainly when the weather is warming up and after having 2 cups of espresso per day.

I discovered I had tea supply for a whole year. It was standing there, without me drinking any of it. And there was also ginger and barley mixes. These things cost money! It wouldn’t be bad if I was at least drinking them, but I am not.

I have been throwing a lot of stuff away and I am not proud of that.

On one hand, it’s great I’m making room for the things I really need to keep. But on the other hand, it has been hurting my pocket to realize I could have invested that money in something else, or saved it.

It has been an eye opener for me.

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How to get (back) on track

If you think you might be in the same situation, put together an action plan right now.

It does not matter how big or small your clutter is, it has to go away.

Some people work with baskets: give away, put away and throw away. If that is your thing, just do it. Just make sure you do not lose control of the “put away” pile.

Throw away things you haven’t used the last 12 months. Make room for the stuff that matters. Keep energy flowing.

Making an inventory of the things you have is helpful:

  • write down what you own and keep the list(s) visible
  • attach it to the door of cabinets from inside
  • use it to cross off items when you add them to your shopping list

I made a printer friendly kitchen cabinet checklist I use my own and you can download it for yourself too.

Once you do an inventory of the goods you have, develop the habit of keeping the list updated.

Even if you miss one thing or two, catch up.

Habits are built by repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again.

Do not get discouraged if it is not perfect on the first try. I made the checklist printer friendly so that you can make enough copies without wasting ink. We are here to save money, remember?

If you feel short on time, set a goal of one shelf per week, for example.

It might take longer to get the whole house done, but small progress is better than none.

Do not force yourself into something you might not be able to handle.

Work on your schedule consistently for the next weeks and let me know how it goes. You will see that not only your place will feel more pleasant, but your finances will thank you later as well.

What’s your favorite decluttering tip to save money?

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How To Get Organized By Decluttering And Save Money.

Be Healthy and Live Fully.

Organization for Good (a 3-step plan for 2015 and beyond)

Organization for Good (a 3-step plan for 2015 and beyond)

Organize your home once and for all with this 3 step plan. Keep it simple, make it sustainable and get organized for success.

Recently, I came across an entry from Ashley Kaltwasser on Facebook that caught my attention. She mentioned that getting more organized was her new year’s resolution for 2015. How could it be that such an amazing person also struggled with organization like so many of us?!? Well, I guess it makes her human.

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There are different levels of organization and non-organization. I believe however, that most of the time the issue is rather keeping things organized than organizing them. How many times have you already managed to tide up everything single corner of your house just to see things pilling up the next month? We put on an effort just to see it crumble before our eyes.

What to do then to make our effort last? Or at least keep some ‘damage control’ until we ‘catch up’ with everything?

I do not know about you, but from my side, I have already read countless books and articles about home organization. Yeah! This is my pain point: home. At work (and before at school), I am the freakiest person you can think of in terms of organization. I am guilty of arriving early at the office just to get it all in the right place before kicking off another day. And I simply cannot understand how people ‘dare’ going home leaving used glasses or cups on their desks. Recently, when flexible desks were adopted, I even received a small present for the cleanness. I am business!

The time spent getting things sorted out will pay off later. For now, make it simple with these 3 steps that will change the way you see organization.

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” – Unknown

At home though, the story is quite the opposite and sincerely, I tend to feel bad about it. Why can’t I be also  Mrs. Tidy at home?

Well, I decided that 2015 will be year when I will turn the table of this habit of mine and will get things straight once and for all. Wanna join me? Here is the plan:

Love Yourself

How many times did you say that you are not an organized person? The fact that things around you could be placed differently does not define who you ARE. You are not the mess. You are YOU, a person like any other, with strengths and weakness.

We are not perfect and that is OK. We are intelligent, powerful, loving and caring beings who can achieve amazing things whenever we put our hearts into it.

Not every day will be the same because we cannot control the environment around us. If you slip up one day, just catch up the following. No pressure, no stress, no guilt; just do it. One step at a time. One day after the other.

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Make It A Habit

Got a letter? Break the instinct of leaving it on the table. Even if it does not feel natural in the beginning, open it and throw the envelope away. Is it something important? File it immediately. Is it a payment? Schedule it right away or make an appointment to go to the bank on your calendar before due date (and place the statement in your bag). Is it spam? Trash it!

The same goes for the groceries, clothes and publications. Your brain might ‘hurt’ at first because you will be forcing it to rewire differently from what it is accustomed to. However, if you keep on going for long enough, it will become part of you just like breathing simply because that is how it works.

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Hold Yourself Accountable

On my blog My 2015 Commitments, I mentioned that I joined an organization challenge and that I will be sharing monthly updates concerning my ‘resolutions’. And why is that? For accountability. Whether you ace it or not, keeping an eye on your progress is imperative for evaluation.

Support groups like Weight Watchers base their work on accountability and reward. Maybe blogging or sharing it on social media is not your thing, but make sure you keep track somehow of your expectations and accomplishments. It will not only give you an idea of your improvement but help you reassess things if needed.

Each person is different. Some may be able to rewire after a couple of weeks, while for others it might take several months. Whichever your case may be, just keep it up. This is not a race and no one is chasing or punishing you for anything. Be proud of the decision you made to change things and let’s work towards success!

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Summing it up:

  • Love Yourself

You are not your environment. The way your home or work environment looks does not define you.

  • Make It A Habit

Just do what has to be done even if it ‘hurts’ your brain. After a while, it will become as natural as breathing.

  • Hold Yourself Accountable

Whether you share it with others or not, make sure you follow up your progress on a regular basis.

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What is your favorite tip to organize your home?

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5 Affirmations To Help You Get Order In The House

5 Affirmations To Help You Get Order In The House

I believe in organization being a reflexion of one’s inner balance (note that we do not have kids) and that is why putting order in the house is so important to me.

I have mentioned before that I have been blogging for longer than I can remember. Yes, it is true.

I have written about so many different topics in blogs I created all over the place, that I have to admit a lot of my work has gone missing (I used to blog for Microsoft Belgium on Windows Live, for example. Bye-bye!).

However, there are still some articles here and there that I would love to share with you on this website.

The first one from this series was originally published on July 31, 2007, on my blog called Pink Revolution. The title of the post back then was “Order In The House”.

One of the reasons I like writing about organization is because it is not something natural to me. I learn as I go (or simply freak out because the mess I create all over the place).

This blog is one of my first about the topic. I have had many ups and downs since then, but I am not giving up.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Sitting around doing nothing is not for me. I get bored very quickly.

I need to fill my time and have the feeling I am producing something. Otherwise, it’s like I’m wasting precious lifetime. 

When you are at work, you work. Outside the office, at least in my way of seeing things, time is yours.

Lately, I have been using “my” time to organize the chaos I have built around me. Mainly, the one that lies on the desk, in the cupboard, in the closet and everywhere around the apartment, except where it should be.

Now it is the moment of cleaning the place, in all senses.

It’s fun to see things this way, but believe me, for someone naturally chaotic like me, the mere fact of placing all documents together and always in the same place can be a major exercise of discipline.

That’s why I came up with a method that is working so far (for almost three months) and that I’m proud of.

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These are my 5 affirmations to help you get order in the house:

  1. Start with what causes you more problems
  2. You can say good-bye to things
  3. It has no use if it’s broken
  4. If you already have it, you don’t need new ones
  5. Keep up with the good work

1. Start with what causes you more problems

Every evening, when I had to pick the clothes to go to work on the next day, it was a nightmare. 

Since I’m not a morning person, I prefer to stay longer in bed without the risk of picking socks from different colors to go to work.

However, I could never find what I wanted to wear. When I did, the outfit was begging for some ironing.

It disturbed me very much because it happened religiously every single evening (including when it was going out) and made me waste a lot of time.

Taking a deep breath and organizing everything was not the most difficult, but maintaining it was another story.

I arrived at home, and the temptation of just throwing things was irresistible.

When it happened, I tried to focus on how harder things would get when I had to wear the same outfit again.

Who likes ironing for god sake?!?

It worked wonders!

At the first sight of chaos coming, it’s better to get things done than to let them get worse.

If chaos still happens, don’t let your mood go down or give it up. After a while, you will see that you gained hours with the minutes invested on daily basis.

Go to list.

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2. You can say good-bye to things

Remember the sticker of the first Valentine’s Day gift you got from your beloved one that still lies on the shelf? What about the rest of the wrapping paper you bought for last Christmas? Or even all your books from college that you keep “just in case”?

Let’s face it: you will remember about the sticker for long, the wrapping paper will be old-fashioned by next season, and you’ll never touch all those books again.

So it is time to practice a little bit of detachment and get rid of things that are just there, taking place. Think that the more you accumulate, the less space you have for the new/modern/stylish stuff. Besides, you’ll have a lot of extra work when doing the cleaning or when you need to move.

The key is to keep it simple!

If you aren’t needing in the next month (or less), chances are you will forget about it anyway.

If you’re like me, you have things laying around, and you could make use of some extra empty space in your cupboard, closet, drawer or desk, for example.

Go to list.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu

3. It has no use if it’s broken

If you are as attached to your belongings as I am, you probably keep a lot of stuff just waiting for the day when you’ll have whether:

  • time to put it back together
  • money to have someone fixing it

The idea of recycling is very noble, but then certain questions arise:

  • will it honestly happen?
  • is it even worth it to start with?

It is amazing how electric appliances evolve and how the idea of fashion can totally change in one year.

Unless you have extremely comfortable leather boots that deserve to be refurbished, don’t keep them just for the numbers. And if they are that comfortable, don’t wait any longer to have them fixed. You will never know when you need them again. Leaving them ready to use might prevent you from throwing away money with new ones that might not fit that well.

Even if everything around your place has a story, keep in mind that you are not a museum. Let it go!

Go to list.

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4. If you already have it, you don’t need new ones

It is common when people move away, either to live by themselves or with someone else, that they buy (almost of) everything they need.

How many things you’ll get varies according to the budget, but there’s generally a minimum. In other words, basics such as boards, glasses, towels, etc. are already there, somewhere, under the bed or in the pile of ironing.

Unless you can get rid of the old stuff you have (see point 2), don’t go getting yourself more plates just because they were on sale.

You’ll surely be replacing towels and bed covers after a while, but you don’t need to buy new ones if you still have some in their original package.

Go to list.

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5. Keep up with the good work

Once you get things done (whether it is one room or the whole place) you’ll see the wonders it’ll work on you.

It’s true that you must have in mind that it is just the beginning. Keeping things the way they are after you organized them is the real challenge.

Don’t let it go to crazy again before you organize it all over again. The idea is making life easier for you and not an endless sort of Penelope’s work.

It takes less time and effort to put away a thing or two than to clean up the entire place.

The longer you can maintain things in order, the more rewarding it will be.

Discipline is the keyword.

You must have discipline when you begin your work, and you must maintain the momentum afterwards.

Nothing will change if you don’t break your inertia and move on. 

Go to list.

Speaking from my own experience: these little things have been working sweet miracles in my daily life.

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If organization is also your nemesis, let’s start working!

How organized are you? Is it something that simply happens or do you have to make it a conscious effort like me? Do you have tips your own you would like to add?

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5 Affirmations To Help You Get Order In The House.

Be Healthy and Live Fully.