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What’s for you the best approach to dealing with productivity killers? I got some tips that will help you find it out.

There isn’t a universal best approach to dealing with productivity killers.

It happens because of various factors such as:

  • our personal/professional needs
  • stress levels
  • availability
  • responsibilities

I remember back in the day when I worked in the corporate, I only check social media during lunch break.

Even though I was active on various platforms, my professional performance didn’t depend on it.

Now, I’m contacted through Facebook or Instagram, for instance, by clients, students, and followers.

While I don’t check every single message as they arrive (more about it below), once a day isn’t enough for me anymore.

What to do them?

How can we use notifications and social media, for example, without being controlled by them?

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Defining your approach to different struggles

In the past weeks we focused on the following productivity killers:

  • Saying yes too much
  • Excess of redo
  • Notifications
  • Social media

Check the approach I use for myself and learn how to adapt my tips to your needs.

You need balance to be successful. Discover the dangers of saying yes too much. Tip: it has to do with health and efficiency. Find out the 3 times when saying “no” is a BIG YES to you. To stay on track, join my VIP Tribe today. There, not only you join a community of like-minded planners, but also get access to exclusive tips, content, and offers.

How To Stop Saying Yes Too Much To Be More Productive

At a certain moment, someone decided that one was only professional, capable, and skilled enough if they accepted whatever was dropped on them.

From the smallest and most insignificant tasks to major projects, unless they answered “yes” with a big smile all the time, they weren’t good enough.

This is changing. Slowly, but it is.

Discover when saying “no” is, in fact, a big “yes”, and see your efficiency boost.

5 reasons why you’ll want to do it right the first time from now on. Discover the benefits of avoiding redo. Achieve more during the day and boost your efficiency the easy way. For support and accountability, join the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You today. Become more efficient one day at a time without stress along with other like-minded achievers.

If You Need To Do It, Do It Right The First Time For Productivity

Excess of redo is a major waste, period.

Of course, that we’re humans and we all make mistakes.

Hoping to be perfect isn’t a productive mindset either.

Yet, you have a lot more to gain if you focus on your tasks and perform them the best way you can.

You’ll get a lot more done if you do it right the first time.

Find out how it works.

Understand why you need to turn off notifications to be more productive. Learn how to use your time better with this simple step. Also find out how I use notifications in my favor without allowing them to take control of my day. For support and accountability, 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You today. Become part of a community of like-minded achievers to overcome procrastination and develop a fulfilling lifestyle one day at a time.

Just Turn Off Your Notifications Right Now, Will You?

I’m not a notification hater, however, it steals a good chunk of your day if you aren’t careful.

If you think your addiction to beeps and vibration needs a total rehab, you just have to shut them all off.

But, if you want to find ways how you can use them to your advantage, I got some tips for you on the blog.

Learn how you can save time planning social media to boost your efficiency and online presence with CoSchedule today. Discover how you can take advantage of their new features to get more done in less time. And if you want to boost your productivity in other areas of your life, join the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You today. Read all about it on the blog.

How I Save Time Planning Social Media With CoSchedule

I love CoSchedule* and I cannot lie.

It saves me a lot of time with one of the most dangerous productivity killers of these days: social media.

The great news is that you can still be relevant and share useful information without spending endless hours scrolling through your feed.

On the blog, I share how I use their latest features to free precious time to engage with my clients, Tribe, and friends.

Be a productivity ninja with these super easy tips. Why fighting efficiency killers when you can use them to your favor? Find out how I take control of distractions like social media to overcome procrastination and get a lot done. Join the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You for daily prompts and to become part of an awesome community of like-minded achievers.

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Dealing with productivity killers

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all ideal approach to manage efficiency blockers.

With my coaching clients, for instance, I go through their as-is situation, goals, and needs first before even starting discussing solutions.

Who you are, what you do, and your objectives play a major role on how you attack productivity killers.

Make sure you go through my tips, and if you have any questions, drop me a line in the comments below.

Discovering the best approach to dealing with productivity killers is what’s going to bring you closer to your goals.

How to change your approach to productivity killers the easy way. Yes, social media can be distracting, but once you define your goals and priorities, it’s all a matter of engaging with your Purpose and doing what needs to be done. Don’t let yourself get caught in the noise out there. Download my list of 52 Things That Are Killing Your Productivity and join the challenge for accountability and support.

52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You

I’m hosting a 52-week productivity challenge on my closed Facebook Group.

You can read everything about the challenge here.

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How the 52-week productivity challenge works

First of all, grab a copy of the list [ninja-popup ID=11356]52 Things That Are Killing Your Productivity[/ninja-popup].

After signing up, you’ll be invited to join my closed Facebook group.

On the group, I’ll share daily prompts during the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You.

I’ll guide you through a brand-new topic each week. 

From Monday through Friday, you’ll learn how you can use Mindful Planning™ to:

  • Become more efficient
  • Save time
  • Manage stress
  • Achieve your goals

You can start the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You at any moment of the year.

And you choose whether to follow every single week or to focus on your personal pain points.

If you miss anything, you can always refer to older posts for catch-up or review.

All that FOR FREE!

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See you at the challenge

The method I apply to the challenge is exactly the same one I use with my clients: Mindful Planning™.

It’s a 5-step method you can use to all aspects of your life become more productive one day at a time without added stress.

Come and join the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You today.

I’m looking forward guiding you towards a successful year and beyond!

What’s for you the best approach to dealing with productivity killers? I got some tips that will help you find it out. Not being able to drop one distraction doesn’t mean you can’t control it. Learn how you can do more without feeling overwhelmed by joining the 52-Week Challenge For A More Productive You. Become part of a Tribe of like-minded achievers for inspiration, accountability, and support.

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