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Social Media Sunday: What If Time Is Not On Your Side?

Social Media Sunday: What If Time Is Not On Your Side?

You want to blog but you are a busy stay-at-home parent or have full-time job. How do you manage it? What If Time Is Not On Your Side? Can you still build a successful community with your articles?

I have to admit it: I am really jealous of those bloggers who come up with fresh content on a daily basis. Posting daily does help increase traffic and keeps your readers close to you. They come back because they know they will find something new to read the next day.

But let’s face it… A day only has 24 hours and if you like me work (full-time), train on a daily basis and find it important to spend some quality time with your beloved ones; it is not that simple. I am not saying it is impossible, but it is for sure challenging, tiring and complicated.

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The truth however is that you do not have to blog every single day to be successful. As I mentioned above, it helps a lot but, even if you like me struggle with the numbers, there is no reason for giving up on writing even if you got a tight schedule.

Whatever the amount of articles you can write per week or per month, stick to it. In my case, I post something new once a week. That is what I can deliver with quality and coherence, so I stick to it. This takes a lot of pressure from my shoulders and helps my readers keep track of my blog. It is true that whenever I have some vacation, I tend to post twice, but not more. If I suddenly posted daily for a week or two it could become confusing and build up the false expectation that I would be here more frequently going forward than I normally can.

Tip Tuesday Hydrate Debbie in Shape

Tip Tuesday : Hydrate – one of my most read blogs

Besides, “Less is More”. If one blog per month is what you are willing to commit to, so be it. If it is a compelling text, it will surely drive traffic to your blog that week and beyond. One example is my blog Tip Tuesday: Hydrate. It was posted last May, but still drives traffic on a daily basis to my previous site and this one. In other words, even if I could not make it to write an article for a week, I would still have visitors stopping by just because of this single post. And that is to mention just one of my most popular blogs.

If your blog is about the things of life, it might also be easier to find attractive topics to write about. If you write about more “technical” subjects though, you may find yourself struggling with content sometimes. If I write about my physical progress, it makes no sense to publish daily check-in pictures, for instance. So if you write about subjects that require research, do not rush. Take your time and deliver informative content and a text of quality.

You love blogging, but struggles with your frequency? There is no need to give up your dream. Tips on how to blog smart with the time you have.

Social Media Sunday What if time is not on your side?

Should you still feel guilty for not being the most active blogger on the face of the earth after these tips, I suggest that you make social media your best partner. It takes much less time to make a Facebook or Instagram post than writing a minimum 500-word text. If you have enough content, you promote older blogs or share pictures and quotes that motivate and inspire you and that can be helpful to others, for example.

If you only have the weekends to work on your material, do not be afraid of planning your posts beforehand. There are many tools out there that you can use to keep in touch with your public even during your busiest weeks. And last but not least, have various articles on the pipeline and try to write at least a couple of lines on a daily basis. From paragraph to paragraph, you will be building your next fantastic entry.

How regularly do you post? Do you schedule your entries beforehand or do you prefer to work on the spot? How much time do you spend on blogging/social media every day?

No matter how much you post, make sure you enjoy writing and sharing your stories with others. Whether you are a full time blogger or squeeze your writing in your free time time, take the most out of it and be successful!

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Debbie Rodrigues is a powerhouse Executive Assistant by day and a Planning aficionado by night. During her free time, when she is not cycling, you'll probably find her journaling.

Hello, my name is Debbie Rodrigues.

By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

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