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As part of my path to personal improvement, I am always searching for tools, applications and methods that help me be more productive without adding stress to my life.

I use these tools in fitness, lifestyle and productive as well as for blogging, writing and managing social media.

The list below contains my favorite tools at the moment. Please make sure to stop by from time to time to check for updates.

*Please note that some of the links in this list are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but I earn a commission if you decide to purchase. Regardless of whether or not I receive a commission, I only recommend products that I personally use and sincerely recommend. Affiliate links will be noted by an asterisk.*


Nike+ Running

When I first started running, Nike+ was all I knew and sincerely, I still love it. I have so many miles loged in with it I don’t feel like using any other app for running.
I also use their Coach plans for my running.


I use RunKeeper for my walks and (few) bike rides. It’s also cool because it can be linked to FitSnap for editing fitness pictures with your iPhone.



The Smart Body Analyzer from Withings is more than just a scale. My boyfriend gave it to me on our 14th anniversary and I was in love.
Not only it keeps track of weight and body fat, but you can also synchronize it with other apps such as RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal, among others.



Evernote is for me the one tool to rule all the other ones. It consolidates everything and anything you can think of in just one single place.
I use it for:

Among other things…


Building a Framework*

Abby and her husband, Donnie, are tireless in helping people grow and develop their blog.
On this new edition of Building a Framework, they guide you all step of the way to get your blog set.
I could not recommend it enough.


I love using link parties to get to know and interact with other bloggers.
I myself host Tip Tuesday on a weekly basis and I am a regular in a couple other ones. And you will notice that most link parties use the services on Inlinkz. It truly user-friendly and accessible in terms of pricing too.



CoSchedule is pretty much “my precious” when it comes to blogging. I’d not be able to do half of the things I do if it was not for it.
I signed up for it in 2014 and I am a loyal customer/fangirl since then. The tool has grown a lot in the past year and they are always working to bring more services to the users.
You can check how I have been using it here.

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Hello, my name is Debbie Rodrigues.

By day, I am a powerhouse Senior Executive Assistant; by night, I am a planning enthusiast. When I'm not cycling, you'll probably find me journaling in my free time.

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