Health is important. Check these 4 tips for a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will help you improve your well-being.

Without health there’s very little we can do.

You probably have read many times that a healthy lifestyle improves your well-being.

But what is this so-called “healthy lifestyle”? How can you achieve it?

4 questions to bring clarity to your goal setting. Download the questionnaire today and start your journey to become more productive and improve your lifestyle.

The Lifestyle of Top-Level Athletes

Most of our role models are athletes.

They live under strict regimens all year round.

In addition to endless hours of training, their diet is followed up closely.

In-season, they work out to improve their performance. During the off-season, they nurture the body and get ready for the competitions to come.

Depending on your sport of choice, I am sure you admire and feel inspired by their performance.

But no matter how much it all motivates you:

  • How can you put in place such a lifestyle in your routine?
  • Even if you are not interested in competing, how can you improve your fitness level within your possibilities?

"The greatest wealth is health." - Virgil

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

It is true that a healthy lifestyle is not 100% guarantee of a life illness-free.

Conditions develop outside our control just like many other things in life. But this should not be an excuse to leave your well-being completely in the hands of fate.

Health is many times taken for granted.

Most of us only realize its importance when struggling with it.

Food has assumed the position of a hobby.

We do not choose our ingredients based on their qualities and nutrients. It has become more a matter of looks, status and taste.

Without taking any credit away from beautifully served dishes at a fancy restaurants, you will probably get little nutrition from such meals.

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The Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

In my search for an optimal intake I have tried a little bit of everything and it proved to be a useful experience.

I discovered new approaches and learned different methods that I could combine to be able to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle I could maintain and enjoy.

Here is how I did it and so can you:

  • Understand your needs
  • Remember that healthy can be tasty
  • Move according to your preference and availability
  • Take one step a time and enjoy it

To create sustainable healthy lifestyle, you should take 4 tips into consideration.

Understand your needs

When you buy a book with the latest and coolest diet on the market, you are getting a one-size-fits-all solution.

It might work for you. Or maybe not.

The key is understanding how your lifestyle and genetic blueprint fit in the proposed solution.

Because most of the no-brainer diets focus exclusive on how much you weight, you may be forced into an extreme caloric deficit.

If you work (it includes household tasks) and have some kind of physical activity, you cannot live out of one apple for lunch.

To create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, you must be able to be consistent with your intake at all times.

Remember that healthy can be tasty

I used to hate my diet on the last weeks before a contest.

Every day, I joined my colleagues for lunch and I felt like crying.

I was sick and tired of all that fish (I developed a love and hate relationship with tilapia) and chicken without much taste.

Once at the gym while doing shoulder press, I started saying mantras like: “I want French fries.” “I want French fries with mayonnaise.” “I want French fries with LOTS of mayonnaise.

Everyone knew I had to be on stage soon. 

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What I did not know at that time is how tasty food is better for the body.

And it is not because it is delicious, but it digests better.

The saliva produced at the sight of a well-prepared meal supports its digestion. It facilitates the work in the stomach thanks to its acids.

So the next time you plan a nutritious dish, make sure it is also good for the eyes and the nose.

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Move according to your preference and availability

I am not going to lie to you: I love CrossFit.

But during recovery, I was not able to practice it.

So, did it mean I was always sitting around the whole day long? No at all!

If I cannot run, I go for a walk.

Yoga works wonders for flexibility and balance.

If you only have a couple of minutes in the morning before getting ready to work, a 10-minute session in pajamas is better than nothing.

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Take one step a time and enjoy it!

Have in mind that any of the changes you decide to put in place are meant to improve your life.

Relax and enjoy every single step your take.

Some days will be better than others and it is OK. Life happens and we deal with it the best way we can.

That is why it is important to be realistic with your goals.

Each person is different and you should not force yourself into a regimen you are not comfortable with.

Your sustainable healthy lifestyle may not lead you to a 12-week transformation, but you’ll feel better every day, without stress.

4 questions to bring clarity to your goal setting. Download the questionnaire today and start your journey to become more productive and improve your lifestyle.

Listen to your body and make adjustments whenever necessary.

And remember to consult your health-care provider before starting any physical activity.

Health is important. Check these 4 tips for a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will help you improve your well-being.

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