Learn how to become more productive and get more done in a day.

Planning For Productivity

Stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed!

Identify your key time wasters and properly plan your day to avoid impulsive decisions.

How it works

  • Get clarity on your schedule
  • Define your priorities
  • Organize your day
  • Follow up your progress
  • Celebrate your wins

Follow these successful steps to start changing the way you plan your days.

This workbook is accompanied by videos that will guide you during the completion of the assignments.

You also get printables to use for your daily planning and follow-up.

What's inside?

Throughout my years in the corporate world, I learned the hard way the importance of good planning to avoid unnecessary stress.

Now, I'm here to share my knowledge with you so that you can also start applying a mindful approach to become more productive and organized.

Productivity Expert

Debbie Rodrigues

Your coach

Get your copy today and start creating a productive routine that fits your lifestyle.

Planning For Productivity

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