Fitness is a key element of holistic health. Understand how you can use different physical activities to be healthy and live fully.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “fitness”?

Please write it down in the comments. I’d love to learn your opinion about it!

I’m pretty sure that for each and every one of you, the answer will be different. Please don’t be shy if you think your image is “off” because it isn’t so.

There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s like when two people look at the same scenery and have different opinions about what they saw.

The impressions you have of fitness, exercising, and training aren’t like someone else’s. It is so because of your personal experiences and preferences.

Whatever effect the word “fitness” has on you, it’s genuine and correct in your case.

But no matter what your opinion on the subject is. It’s an essential element of a healthy life.

People with fast metabolism may think that an ‘OK’ diet is enough to keep things in check. Unfortunately, it’s not true.

Of course that what you eat is critical and we have discussed it many times. Still, you should never think that just because your intake is on the spot you can get away without doing any physical activity.

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What’s Holistic Health?

I had already given you a hint about what holistic health is when we discussed how to use it for a weight loss.

Instead of being reactive and wait for something to go wrong to react, it’s a preventative lifestyle.

Holistic Health considers the person as whole. It includes their environment, strengthening the connection of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Why I care so much about Holistic Health

Holistic Health is something that has been part of my life even before I was aware of its existence as a practice.

With everything I went through recently, it regained a central place in my life. The importance of the whole as key to a balanced and healthy life isn’t a new subject for me.

The difference now is that I am glad and honored to share with you that I recently made this passion and life mission official. I’m now a Certified Holistic Life Coach.

In order words, along with my credentials as a Personal Trainer and a Reiki Practitioner, I want to use Holistic Life Coaching techniques to help others be healthy and live fully.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine…” – Thomas Edison

The Holistic side of Fitness

When I asked you to answer my question at the beginning of the post, I told you not to worry about an “appropriate” answer. Likewise, there’s no right or wrong in fitness regarding a holistic approach.

It’s true that it’s much easier to connect Tai Chi to a holistic lifestyle, for example than CrossFit. Yet, it’s the way you see the practice that actually matters. If you are practicing Tai Chi just to impress your spouse, it’s not mindful or beneficial.

I am pretty sure that most runners (if not all) will say that running feels similar to meditation to them.

Anytime you break up from distractions and focus on the present moment, whatever you might be doing, your are being Mindful.

As strange as it may sound, I get completely in the zone when lifting weights. That’s why I allow myself to go to the gym in the most colorful outfits, put my headset on and headbang like nuts. It’s my place and my time. I’m not judging anyone, neither myself. I’m being me, living the moment.

Fitness for you might mean going for a walk on a regular basis or practicing some martial arts. Anyways, it can still be used in your Holistic Health approach.

Holistic Health through Yoga

One popular way to practice holistic fitness is through yoga. It’s known for offering countless benefits for health and support wholesomeness.

Nowadays it’s easy to find clubs and associations that offer the varied styles of yoga for all preferences and fitness levels.

There are also books, online classes and mobile apps that can guide you through this adventure.

And if you want, you can extend the practice outside the mat, as well.

Yoga is a philosophy. It’s a way of life that includes schools of thought, techniques, and practices.

“To change your life, change your habits.” – unknown

Getting started with Holistic Health

When you have been training for some time, chances are you have already had ups and downs. You’ve learned to know yourself well. You also know how to set your fitness goals well and what you need to do to accomplish them.

But if you are still struggling, without knowing where to start, it’s better to clear up your thoughts first.

To help you out, I prepared a short questionnaire. To assist you to define your purpose, I put together 4 key questions that will guide you towards your goals.

Think of your Body

Whatever your focus at the moment is, I’ll ask you not to forget your physical health. 

Even if your primary objective is not fitness related, your Body is one aspect of the whole. It also needs to be healthy so that you can live fully.

Find at least 30 minutes a day to put your body into movement. Some training is better than none.

Your muscles, your brain, your entire body will thank you for that!

Now let me ask you again:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “fitness”?

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How To Boost Your Holistic Health With Fitness

Be Healthy. Live Fully.

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